Studio Availability and Rental

Studio Availability and Rental

Although the Music Department studios are heavily used by our students, we do make the studios available for external rental. We are always keen to work with other University departments and the local music community, getting our students involved in interesting projects where we can.

We are always looking for projects that our final year and postgraduate students can get help with and use to practice their productions skills and build their portfolios. If you think that your project would provide some useful experience for our students and you are willing to work with them, please fill in the Contact Form on this page and we can discuss your needs.

We also have skilled and experienced professional services staff who are available to help with recordings and production where your budget allows. During the Summer period, we have more downtime when our studios are available for longer periods of rental.

Internal (University) Studio Rental 

The studios are available to other University Departments for recording voice overs, interviews and other production elements for internal projects. There is normally a small charge which can be paid by ISF. Students can also provide high quality, copyright-free music for videos and presentations.

University Staff and Student projects

We can normally accommodate the personal projects of University members (staff and students) if your project provides useful experience for our students. Alternatively, you can also work with our experienced professional services staff, which will normally incur a charge.

Please email with the following details of your project and requirements:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Contact Number
  • Brief description of project (organisation/people, project brief, approximate dates and deadlines)
  • List Instruments/voices to be recorded