Members and partners

EuroAgeNet is a partnership between five members of the UK Ageing Network and institutions across Europe.

We selected partners based on thematic connections, the opportunity to enhance current collaborations and forge new strategic ones, and the potential for international funding success.

Together, we believe we can create a consortium with significant scientific, intervention, industry, and societal impact.

UK Ageing Network members

Extracellular Matrix Ageing (ECMage) network
Exploring Extracellular Matrix (ECM) ageing, a major structural and functional determinant of tissue resilience with remarkable tissue specificity.

Ageing and Nutrient Sensing (AGENTS) network
Addressing the priority area of ‘health span and quality of life in old age’ by understanding the role of nutrient sensing in the ageing process.

Building Links in Ageing Science and Translation (BLAST) network
Increasing scientific understanding of the mechanistic drivers of biological ageing and the identification of predictive/diagnostic biomarkers of age-related poor health.

Cognitive Frailty Interdisciplinary network (CFIN)Harnessing knowledge of lifespan biological, health, environmental and psychosocial mechanisms of cognitive frailty for integrated interventions.

Food4Years network
A community committed to the development, integration and communication of healthy, affordable food and specific diets for all older adults across our food landscape.

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International partners

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