Our management team

At EuroAgeNet, our mission is driven by a commitment to collaboration, inclusivity, and global impact.

Comprising representatives from each of our participating UK networks, our Management Team brings together a wealth of diverse knowledge and expertise to steer our initiatives.


Dr Elizabeth Laird - ECMAge, University of Liverpool

EDI Representative

Dr Lisa White - ECMAge, University of Nottingham


Dr Miriam Clegg - Food4Years, University of Reading

Dr Dilara Dericioglu - Food4Years Network Manager, University of Reading

Angela Cucchi – ECMAge and EuroAgeNet Network Manager, University of Liverpool

Professor Carol Holland - CFIN, Lancaster University

Professor Richard Faragher - BLAST, University of Brighton

Professor Gary Frost - AGENTS, Imperial College London

Dr Aygul Dagbasi - AGENTS, Imperial College London



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