Enzyme Assay and Screening Facility (EASF)

Large numbers of chemical compounds are synthesized during the drug-discovery process. Many of these have not been screened for known and novel targets that are available in academic and industrial settings. To help solve this problem, the Enzyme Assay and Screening Facility (EASF) provides access to expertise and technology for the in-house development of small to medium throughput ligand screening programmes.

The facility

A range of equipment is available, including:

  • Caliper LabChip EZ Reader II platform combining microfluidics and a real-time state-of-the art detection system with rapid turnaround in an industry-standard 384-plate format
  • 96-well thermal stability assay (TSA) platform for ligand analysis
  • Janus robotic liquid platform
  • Echo acoustic liquid dispenser
  • Differential scanning fluorimetry (DSF) for thermal stability assays (TSAs)
  • Perkin Elmer EZ Reader II for mechanistic enzyme analysis.

Our biological scope

The combination of the Caliper LabChip EZ Reader II and TSA platforms allows early stage identification of compounds that interact with most targets, including those with no known biological function.

These include important drug targets, such as:

  • Protein kinases
  • Phosphatases
  • Proteases
  • Orphan targets.


For further information, please contact Dr Patrick Eyers.