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About us

The Centre for Digital Humanities, based at the University of Liverpool, has been created to bring together research expertise from across the institution and beyond with the aim of further understanding the development of digital technologies and tools, as well as their uses, applications and social impacts.

Focussed around four main research areas, the Centre can call upon the skills off colleagues from all of the University’s faculties: Science and Engineering; Health and Life Sciences, and Humanities and Social Sciences. Our focus research areas are:

  • Digital Humanities: incorporating history and sociology
  • Digital Society: incorporating sociology, communication studies, law
  • Digital Culture: incorporating languages and cultures, architecture, archaeology.
  • Digital Economics: incorporating business, economics and marketing

The University of Liverpool is well placed to host such a research centre, with several colleagues focusing heavily on digital themes. These include Barry Godfrey and the £1.7m ‘Digital Panopticon’ project, Clair Taylor, who chairs the AHRC Digital Transformations Advisory Group, and Simeon Yates who leads the ESRC commissioned project ‘Ways of Being in a Digital Age’.

With researchers across the Humanities and Social Sciences faculty, and indeed across the University, the Centre will provide research leadership and infrastructural support for researchers from a range of disciplines who employ digital techniques and technologies in their work. 

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