Provocation three: music interventions in care

The third seminar held in April 2022 was led by Dr Eduardo Coutinho, a Senior Lecturer of the Department of Music at the University of Liverpool.

Eduardo's work spans a variety of fields with an emphasis on the interdisciplinary areas of Music Psychology, Affective Sciences and Healthcare Informatics. He is also the Director of the Applied Music Research Lab (AM Lab), an interdisciplinary research group that aims to harness the benefits of music for improving people’s lives through the development of methods and tools that permit using music in systematic ways for improving different aspects of health and well-being.

In this session, Eduardo explored with NHS clinical researchers the potential contribution of two music listening interventions for supporting (a) people living with depression, and (b) stroke survivors suffering from spasticity. In particular, he hoped the discussion led to some specific outcomes around:

  • The perceived value of these interventions and the types of evidence that the NHS would need to consider to integrate and/or recommend them;
  • How these interventions could complement/extend/enhance existent treatment in acceptable and cost-effective ways;
  • Collaborations between the AM Lab and NHS clinicians develop research grant applications related to (these and other) music-based interventions;
  • Ways of involving patients and clinicians in our research to develop meaningful music-based interventions that lead to tangible outcomes.

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