Opportunity to contribute to Tate Exchange on Energy and Environment

Posted on: 21 March 2018 by Nick Jones in 2018 Posts

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Submit your idea to be part of Tate Exchange

Humanities & Social Science colleagues are invited to take part in a Tate Exchange programme focusing on renewable energy.

The University’s Literature & Science Hub is organizing a Tate Exchange on ‘Made From Light: The Art and Science of Renewable Energy’ on 11-17 June.

As well as their own activities, the hub is keen to host other University of Liverpool researchers (including doctoral students) to promote University research on energy, climate change and the environment more generally, particularly but not exclusively from humanities and social sciences perspectives.

All of these areas are part of the context in which renewable energy is being debated, and are welcome additions to the conversation and debate this Tate Exchange will create and curate.

There are several ways to contribute, such as participating in the Literature & Science Hub's series of short talks and interactive demonstrations, displaying a poster, delivering a public workshop and so on. The hub will also be running creative writing workshops which will draw upon the research. They are also creating an energy soundscape of voices and samples, and are looking for volunteers to be interviewed for this purpose.

This is an excellent opportunity for public engagement/ pathways to Impact for all involved. To express an interest in contributing to the project, the hub only needs three sentences from you:

  1. Who you are
  2. What your research is
  3. What you envisage contributing to the Exchange

Please email them to Greg Lynall (gjlynall@liverpool.ac.uk) and Sam Solnick (sns@liverpool.ac.uk) by Friday 6th April. Informal enquiries are also welcome.