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Liverpool Shared Research Facilities (LIV-SRF) offer flexible access to world-class equipment and expertise through its Shared Research Facilities. Available to both internal and commercial partners, we can provide the equipment, facilities and academic expertise you need to support your research programme.

Professor Ian Prior, LIV-SRF Director

The University of Liverpool’s Shared Research Facilities (LIV-SRF) are open to researchers across the University, together with external partners from academia, the NHS or industry. We’re on hand to connect you with the right people and resources to help you develop outstanding science.

LIV-SRF works across 17 facilities, with around 90 dedicated staff and £40m-worth of equipment. Our world-class life sciences resources cover bioimaging, bioresources and multi-omics.

As well as offering some of the most advanced specialist equipment in the UK, you’ll be able to work alongside technical and academic experts from the University.

These highly experienced professionals are leaders in their fields, who can guide your research project and harness the available technologies to the full.

The LIV-SRF offer is fully flexible, designed around your needs and way of working. We welcome all kinds of engagements, lengthy and complex or small, quick-turnaround assignments.

Please get in touch with the LIV-SRF team to become part of a progressive research community, where insight, understanding and expertise are shared to promote innovative science and the greater good.

Explore our thematic areas

Bio-Imaging Female researchers in the centre for cell imaging


Our Bio-Imaging facilities are a world class resource for imaging projects, ranging from molecular scale to whole-body, human MRI.

Bio-Resources Tubes in the lab


Our Bio-resources facilities are not only able to provide the biological resources to support a wide range of research, they also have the necessary services and expertise to make the most of them.



Our Multi-Omics facilities offer full consultancy and support, from experimental planning to data analysis. This ensures the best quality data from the most appropriate techniques.

LIV-SRF Voucher Scheme

LIV-SRF Voucher Scheme

The LIV-SRF Voucher Scheme is designed to fund small pump-priming projects that have the potential to develop new areas of research by offsetting the costs of accessing Shared Research Facilities.

Key staff

Professor Ian Prior


Ben Mollitt

Business Manager

Victoria Harman

Technical Operations Lead

Sue Monaghan

PA / Administrative Support