Meet our Students - Cohort 1

We are proud to introduce our students who come with diverse backgrounds, skills and expertise. They are central to the CDT and form an integral part of the power house from which new knowledge and cutting edge practice will be developed and applied. Cohort 1 joined our CDT in October 2019.




Vincent Beraud Student

Vincent Beraud

 “I feel very lucky of being part of a cohort with all my colleagues from different backgrounds. We can help each other on different aspects and it makes us way more efficient. Also by our training in a wide range of skills (AI and High performance computing) and our regular meetings with the industrial partners, I’m more confident in tackling real world problems.”

Profile of Matt
Matthew Carter


“There are a number of reasons to join a Centre for Doctoral Training as opposed to undertaking a standard PhD. First and foremost, the studentships are co-supervised and co-developed by industry. This ensures that your research is focused on improving the current state of the art whilst having a real-world industrial application. In addition to this, the cohort experience is second to none. Being part of a cohort aids your academic development and opens up opportunities for research collaborations. Finally, there are a number of opportunities for continued academic and professional development through individual and cohort-based training activities.”

Image of Marco
Marco Fontana

“The DA CDT allows me to develop my skills, and to collaborate with market-leading industries to innovate in real-world scenarios.”


Julia Kolaszynska
Julia Kolaszynska

 "My project is about coordinating and cooperating multiple missile and UAV responses and trajectory that involves tracking filters like Kalman filter and Bootstrap filter. I have the opportunity to really delve into various tracking filters and strategies for differential gain.  The CDT experience has been great for me so far, I’m able to run ideas by fellow PhD students and its fantastic to work so close to industry partners on my project."

Picture of Manolis
Emmanouil Pitsikalis

“The DA CDT offers the opportunity to meet experts in several domains, from both Academia and Industry who can support your research through their guidance.”

image of Theo
Theofilos Triommatis


“Being a CDT student gives you the opportunity to do your PhD as part of a cohort which means that you learn not only to accomplish things on your own but also you learn the value of being a member of a team.”



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