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Simon Maskell Profile Photo

 Professor Simon Maskell, CDT Director




Simon is Professor of Autonomous Systems at the University of Liverpool as well as Director of the CDT. Simon sits at the interface between Computer Science, Engineering and Statistics. His research interests are focused on developing ground-breaking algorithmic solutions that can be translated into tangible advantage across multiple sectors in both industry and government. The solutions that Simon has developed have, for example, benefited organisations operating within defence, security, insurance, petrochemicals, pharma and transport.

View Simon's bio here. 
Read Simon's interview with the CDT, on what type of 'data scientist' he is looking for.

Kelli Cassidy Profile Photo

Kelli Cassidy, CDT Centre Manager

Kelli has a long and varied background working in higher education and enjoys her role as Centre Manager due to her passion for facilitating a research culture that values solving tough, real-world challenges through ambitious, creative thinking. Kelli's knowledge of the research environment, together with her background in business administration provides an excellent fit for her role in the development of the CDT programme and delivery of the Distributed Algorithms vision.

Alison Goodyear & Vicki Collins
Postgraduate Reseach Administration

Although Alison and Vicki are not part of the CDT Managment Team, they work closely with Kelli and Sara to recuit the 60 students and offer student support throughout the PhD.

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