A simulation tool for use in drug development to describe the pharmacokinetics of drugs using a physiologically-based pharmacokinetic (PBPK) model.

This web-based modelling application will simulate drug pharmacokinetics in plasma, various organs and tissues based on the dose and dosing regimen for a given drug. 

Teoreler is intended as a research tool to inform possible decision points in early drug screening and/or dose optimisation. This initial release consists of a basic adult physiological model that would allow users to simulate a maximum population of 100 individuals.

Please note: This is a beta version. This application is regularly updated. Your feedback would be extremely helpful to further develop the features of this web application.


If this link doesn't work, please type teoreler.com into your browser.


Teoreler was developed by Dr Rajith Rajoli and other members of the CELT Pharmacology group.


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