The LONGEVITY project is developing long-acting medicines intended for the prevention of malaria and tuberculosis, as well as a single-injection cure for the hepatitis C virus. New medicines we create will be deployed in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) where the burden is highest, with an estimated 300 million people infected and more than two million deaths per year.

A critical issue in treating or preventing these diseases is poor adherence to daily medication. This can be caused by a number of factors such as stigma around the disease, pill burden, and complex delivery modes. These difficulties can be overcome and adherence to life saving medication improved, by replacing chronic oral dosing with an injectable alternative that requires administration far less frequently.

Our aims

  • Reduce the huge burden unsustainable oral regimens place on patients by reformulating pre-existing medicines as long-acting formulations that require administration far less frequently.
  • Transform healthcare programmes as we expand global knowledge in long-acting injectable product development, regulation of the technology, and how it should be implemented by healthcare providers.
  • Improve the quality of care for millions of people on a global scale through our world-leading research in materials chemistry and pharmacology, as well as regulatory expertise and community engagement.

The LONGEVITY blueprint

Learn more about how we plan to achieve our objectives as we aim to reduce the burden of malaria, tuberculosis and hepatitis c virus in low- and middle-income countries through the LONGEVITY project. In this video you'll find out about our strategy to deploy long-acting injectable medicines to the worlds most in-need communities and reduce the burden that currently stands at 300 million people.


Malaria prevention

Working towards malaria chemoprophylaxis to reduce the malaria burden


Tuberculosis prevention

A long-acting injectable for the prevention of latent TB infection

Hepatitis C Virus

Hepatitis C virus cure

Developing a single-injection cure for Hepatitis C virus at the point of diagnosis

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Our funding

The LONGEVITY Project is funded by Unitaid

The project also involves critical partners and collaborators in the Clinton Health Access Initiative, Johns Hopkins University, Medicines Patent Pool, Tandem Nano Ltd., Treatment Action Group and the University of Nebraska Medical Center