Student profile: Olly Carter

Why did you choose to study Popular Music at the University of Liverpool?

My aim is to work in the music industry and this course offered a wide range of modules across the whole industry, allowing me to learn about how different areas operate. It’s also incredibly flexible as it has allowed me to combine performance, marketing, film composition, music history and workplace experience into my degree.

What do you enjoy most about the course, and why?

The music department has a fantastic sense of community, particularly with the amount of up and coming bands you get the chance to interact and collaborate with. I also really enjoy the amazing facilities we have access to for academic and personal projects.

Can you tell us about an exciting project you have completed on your course?

I recently composed music for a scene from The Incredibles for a ‘composition for film and tv’ assignment. I also got the chance to record, mix and master a track in the studio with my band, which we have since released.

What does Liverpool have to offer as a city?

Liverpool has an amazing local music scene with some of the best small venues in country like The Jacaranda, EBGBs and Arts Club, as well as bigger venues like Invisible Wind Factory and the M&S Bank Arena. Its also city packed full of amazing independent restaurants, cafes, bars and shops to explore, particularly on Bold Street and Lark Lane.

Can you tell us about the teaching methods/how your learning has been facilitated?

The teaching on my course has a fantastic balance of practical learning, traditional lectures and small-group seminars, as well as one-on-one tutorials around assignments.

What extra-or co-curricular activities do you take part in, and how do these affect your student experience?

I host a student radio show on LGSM Radio which has been a fantastic experience and has allowed me to gain experience working in the music industry. I’ve also been involved with lots of different projects and opportunities such as coordinating this year’s SOTA Showcase show.

What are your ambitions for the future and how will your experiences at the University of Liverpool help you in your future career?

I am hoping to work in the music industry once I leave uni and my experiences both within and outside of the university will be incredibly beneficial towards this. In particular, living in a city with a thriving creative scene and meeting others with similar aspirations to work in music has been helpful in allowing me to build valuable connections for the future.

If you could go back, what advice would you have given yourself before going to University?

To come in to uni with a calendar or a clear way of organising yourself, as it can be quite daunting moving to a new city and having to organise your week with enough time for work, extra-curriculars and downtime.