Student profile: George Edwards-Morris

Game Design Studies

Why did you choose to study Games Design at the University of Liverpool?

I have always found enjoyment in both playing and conceptualising video games and aspire to be a part of this lucrative and ever-growing industry in the future, and on this pathway felt like the course offered at Liverpool would be the best way to steer me in this direction.


What do you enjoy most about the course, and why?

The teaching method does not solely consist of making us write lines and do readings. Yes, this is an aspect of it, but the forefront of teaching consists of active discussion amongst peers and lecturers, as well as practical methods of learning.

Rapid fire with George Edwards-Morris

Can you tell us about an exciting project you have completed on your course?

Though I have only completed one semester on this course so far, every project has been enjoyable and offered an insight into the industry. The one I have enjoyed the most so far was creating a design document for the conceptualisation of a game. This gave insight into what a position in a company would be like from a design standpoint, as well as offering issues that could be encountered, subsequently countered and then solved. 


What does Liverpool have to offer as a city?

Living amongst the regenerated city of Liverpool has been an amazing opportunity. As someone who lived in a small town prior to this, I feel as if my horizons have expanded and my choices in how I go about my everyday have been astronomically increased. Whatever sort of person you are, there’s bound to be something here for you. That’s the joy of living in this type of city.