Media appearances

Media Appearances

Our Music researchers are regularly featured in the media, either showcasing their own research or providing expert opinions on current events.


8-Aug Dr Mike Jones
4-Aug Professor Michael Spitzer
31-Jul Professor Catherine Tackley
28-May Matthew Flynn
25-Apr Professor Michael Spitzer
22-Apr Dr Mike Jones
12-Apr Professor Michael Spitzer
23-Mar Professor Michael Spitzer
19-Mar Dr Mike Jones
17-Jan Professor Catherine Tackley
3-Jan Dr Mike Jones
20-Sep Dr Holly Tessler
5-Oct Haekjung Um
Dr Haekyung Um (Music) chats about the 26 Korean words added to Oxford English dictionary
8-Oct Dr Holly Tessler
13-Oct Dr Holly Tessler
21-Nov Project Team
4-Sept Matthew Flynn
10-Aug Professor Catherine Tackley
16-Aug Professor Catherine Tackley
27-Aug Matthew Flynn
27-Jul Matthew Flynn
24-May Professor Catherine Tackley
18-May Dr Mike Jones
Dr Mike Jones (Music) on why so many pop songs are three minutes long
13-Feb Professor Michael Spitzer