Nicola Rossiter: BA(hons) Music/Popular Music

Nicola graduated in 2012. She is currently Project Manager for the Ilmington Music Festival, front of house assistant, estates support assistant and events supervisor for the Royal Shakespeare Company and undertakes some private tuition.

What does your job involve?

I am currently volunteering as project manager for the Ilmington Music Festival Society, assisting in the planning, managing and production of the 2015 festival. Working with a small committee we are planning a proms-esque extravaganza to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II becoming the longest reigning monarch in this country’s history, queue the fireworks and Pomp and Circumstance.

I currently hold multiple positions with the Royal Shakespeare Company, most of which involve working with the general public to ensure that they are happy, safe and comfortable so that they have an enjoyable theatre experience. As a front of house assistant I work directly with the public making sure they are safe and comfortable.  As an estates support assistant I work on stage door, manning the busy switchboard and greeting members of the company (David Tennant, Patrick Stewart and Hugh Quarshie to name a few – not that I’m name dropping…). As an events supervisor I am in charge of additional events around the company, including weddings, conferences, VIP theatre packages and education workshops.  Although I am not in my ideal job yet, I get to work in a creative environment meeting some very interesting people.

As of next Monday I will be the Music Assistant for the Royal Shakespeare Company. The job will involve a little bit of everything from arranging players and deputies to setting up for rehearsals and performances to creating music for the front of house spaces and managing individual projects (eg. Shakespeare's birthday celebrations). Needless to say I am very happy to have a music related job!

How did your course prepare you for your job?

Getting thrown in the deep end to experience as much as possible in a short space of time with supportive and experienced lecturers. The multiple opportunities available, and the chance to try out and experience alternative careers, has meant that I can turn my hand to any task thrown my direction and I now have the knowledge and skills behind me to make the best of every opportunity.

I was in the trial year of the work experience module. I was able to experience working as a concerts administrator and orchestra manager while being mentored by lecturers who have had experience in the field. Having an awareness of what is involved in a job, before entering the profession, is a huge advantage which is not currently readily available whilst working in the industry or in other higher education institutions.

What are your top tips for students wanting to work in your field?

Never give up – say yes to every available (and realistic!) opportunity and something will happen.

What was your best experience of studying at Liverpool?

There is so much to do at the university! The very active music society and band society cater for all musical tastes, with multiple opportunities to participate, lead and manage ensembles with regular performance opportunities. The symphony orchestra expands every year, with concerts throughout the year and more opportunities to join in, experience working in various roles and to meet new people.