Film studies

The University of Liverpool is known internationally as a centre for research and teaching in Film Studies.

We offer a full introduction to:

  • the world's film industries
  • the changing contexts in which films are produced
  • the impact of film texts on spectators and society.


You can take Film Studies as a 25%, 50% or 75% component of a degree programme with many other different subject areas. Please visit the Honours Select website for more information about subject combinations.


Download our module catalogues to learn more about what we offer.


Our research specialisms are extensive and include the following:

  • Post New Wave French cinema
  • Political cinema in France post-1968
  • The interaction of film and theatre
  • The multilingual dimension of European cinema
  • Contemporary and post-war German literature and film
  • Italian crime film
  • Landscapes in Spanish film
  • Music and soundscapes in Spanish cinema
  • Brazilian cinema
  • Latin American women film-makers
  • Movement in Latin American cinema
  • Cinematic realism
  • Contemporary world cinema
  • Slow cinema

Below are some examples of our current research projects:

Cinema, Memory and Wellbeing by Dr Lisa Shaw 

The Multilingual Screen: How European Cinema represents Language Difference by Dr Alison Smith


  • European cinemas (French, Spanish, Italian, German, British)
  • Latin American cinema
  • American independent film
  • Realism in film
  • International film culture
  • Film music


  • The relationship between film and spectator
  • Critical engagement with the art of film
  • How the film industry works


Our film studies courses will enable you to develop your critical, analytical and communication skills, all of which are transferable to other fields. Our graduates have gone on to work in film festival administration, media and the arts, marketing, teaching and academic research.