‌We are one of only two centres in the UK for Basque Studies and our interests cover the language, literature, society, popular culture, art and politics of the Basque people. 

At the University of Liverpool Basque is taken as a beginners’ language. 

Study Basque as part of Hispanic Studies

You will study Basque as part of Hispanic Studies, rather than as a stand-alone course. Hispanic studies is a diverse course covering the languages, literatures, cultures and histories of Spain, Portugal and Latin America.


Basque is taught by native speakers in a cultural environment that celebrates all things Basque.  You will learn about the history, society and culture of the Basque region at the same time as you learn the language.

Download our module catalogues to learn more about what we offer.


We have links with the Fomento San Sebastián to spread interest worldwide in the Basque culture. We have a fully-equipped language laboratory and a Modern Languages Resource Centre that can also be used for private study.

Basque Studies initiatives at Liverpool have all been made possible by commitment and funding from both the Basque Cultural Institute/Etxepare Euskal Institutua and the University. The Manuel Irujo Visiting Professorship is fully funded by the Basque Cultural Institute/Etxepare Euskal Institutua.