The entrance of the School of Life Sciences, University of Liverpool

About us

The University of Liverpool has been teaching and researching Life Sciences for over 100 years. Our scientists and students have helped deliver many scientific breakthroughs.

Today we offer undergraduate and postgraduate life science courses across the full spectrum of biology, from whole organisms, through molecular genetics, to structural biology, biological chemistry and biomedical sciences.

Life Sciences at Liverpool brings together Biological Sciences and Biomedical Sciences. We investigate development and normal function in humans, animals, plants, microbes and single cells, as well as disease processes and treatments.

We aim to make you an expert in one particular field, while having the ability to cross discipline boundaries; a combination of strengths that is highly attractive to prospective employers. You will be able to tackle the issues that dominate today’s society that are of international relevance, such as food security, global warming, new energy sources, and the treatment of plant, animal and human diseases.

New technological developments in genome sequencing and bioinformatics are providing fresh insights across Life Sciences, and the demand for graduates in these areas of science is extremely high.