Excellent career prospects

As a Biosciences graduate from the University of Liverpool, you will have an excellent set of career options ahead of you. For those committed to a career as a professional scientist, higher degrees (MBiolSci, MSc, MRes, MPhil or PhD) at the University of Liverpool or elsewhere provide a flexible set of options for further study.

Career prospects are excellent with rewarding careers in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and other key areas. The School is internationally renowned for its research contribution to these fast moving areas. Our graduates are also well prepared to complete for places on higher degree programmes and for graduate entry to Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Science.

In addition to all of the opportunities for graduates in general (including careers outside of biology, such as management, accountancy and human resources, where the skills you have obtained in our degree programmes will be of considerable benefit), our degree programmes are also popular routes to postgraduate Medicine, Dentistry or Veterinary Science.

In the public sector, Biosciences graduates are in demand in research institutes, government departments, the National Health Service, forensic science and the Environment Agency. Commercial sectors that actively recruit graduates from the life sciences include the pharmaceutical, food, biotechnology, water and agriculture industries. There is also an increasing demand for life scientists to contribute to the public understanding of science as journalists and information/liaison officers, in view of ethical and environmental issues, for example, those raised by the development of molecular biology and biotechnology.

Ruth Obi smiling at camera

The course has exposed me to recent developments and research in biosciences and I believe this will contribute positively towards my future career.

Ruth Obi, BSc Pharmacology

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