Photo of Dr Terry Gleave

Dr Terry Gleave Ph.D, SFHEA

Lecturer School of Life Sciences


Personal Statement

I graduated with a degree in Physiology from the University of Liverpool (1997), and was then awarded a PhD in Physiology by the University of Liverpool (2001). Immediately following on from this I started working as a university teacher here at the University of Liverpool. You could say that I have never left Liverpool, which would be true. I am now a lecturer, Director for the Biological and Medical Sciences BSc(Hons) programme and a member of the School of Life Sciences senior academic advisor team.

Prizes or Honours

  • Senior Fellow HEA (Higher Education Academy, 2018)
  • Faculty Learning and Teaching Award (Faculty of Health and Life Sciences, UoL, 2018)
  • Sir Alastair Pilkington Award 2005 (The University of Liverpool, 2005)

Funded Fellowships

  • Teaching Fellowship Award (University of Liverpool, 2005)