Head of Department
J. Medina, Professor ReinholdHead of Department, Professor of Vision and Vascular Science0151 706 4969
Coupland, Professor SarahGeorge Holt Chair of Pathology / NHS Consultant Histopathologist (LOORG)0151 794 9104
Harding, Professor SimonChair of Clinical Ophthalmology0151 794 9051
Kaye, Professor StephenProfessor of Clinical Ophthalmology
Williams, Professor RachelProfessor of Ophthalmic Bioengineering0151 794 9043
Zheng, Professor YalinProfessor of AI in Healthcare0151 794 9055
Hamill, Dr KevinReader in Cell and Molecular Biology0151 794 9037
Kearns, Dr VictoriaReader in Ocular Biomaterials0151 794 9054
Levis, Dr HannahReader in Ophthalmic Bioengineering 0151 794 9034
Senior Lecturers
Sheridan, Dr CarlSenior Lecturer in Ocular Cell Transplantation0151 794 9031
Clinical Senior Lecturers
Beare, Dr NicholasClinical Senior Lecturer
Burgess, Dr PhilipClinical Senior Lecturer
Vallabh, Ms Neeru AmritaClinical Senior Lecturer
Krishna, Dr YaminiHonorary Senior Clinical Lecturer (LOORG)
Tenure Track Fellows
Bosworth, Dr LucyTenure Track Fellow0151 794 9009
Carlsson, Dr EmilTenure Track Fellow
Zhao, Dr HeTenure Track Fellow
Zihni, Dr CenizTenure Track Fellow0151 794 9042
Abdul Kadir, Dr LinaPostdoctoral Research Associate0151 794 9044
Bilir, Miss EminePostdoctoral Research Associate
Foulkes, Dr DanielPostdoctoral Research Associate
Lawman, Dr SamuelPostdoctoral Research Associate
Meng, Dr YandaPostdoctoral Research Associate
Robinson, Dr DavidPostdoctoral Research Associate
Yang, Dr NatePostdoctoral Research Associate
Kalirai, Dr HelenSenior Post Doctoral Scientist (LOORG)0151 706 4033
Aughton, Dr KarenGeorge Holt Post-Doctoral Research Assistant (LOORG)0151 706 4204
Zhang, Dr ZijianPostdoctoral Research Associate
Clinical Research Fellows
McLean, Dr KeriClinical Research Fellow
Somerville, Miss TobiClinical Research Fellow
Wilson, Dr Kyle0151 794 9313
Technical Staff
Simon, Miss ShannonEye Bank Technician0151 794 3445
Barlow, Miss SamanthaMolecular Technician (LOORG)
Project Managers and Coordinators
Harrison, Miss JanProject Manager & Project Co-ordinator
Associate Members
Mehta, Dr Jignasa
Post Graduate Students
Akil, Dr HandanPhD Student
Almosa, Mrs AshwagPhD Student
Alrumizan, Mr Meshary Rumizan MPhD Student
Asiri, Miss FawziahPhD Student
Bin Hashim, Mr EffendyPhD Student
Chavda, Miss NatashaPhD Student
Christie, Mrs AbigailPhD Student
Crouch, Mr DevonPhD Student
Gotru, Miss SherrinPhD Student
Hassan, Mrs AeshahPhD Student
Hollett, Miss JessPhD Student
Ibrahim, Mr YehiaPhD Student
Joddrell, Ms MarthaPhD Student
Kingston, Miss OliviaPhD Student
L'Abbate, Mr DarioPhD Student
McLean, Dr KeriPhD Student
Pied, Mr ValentinPhD Student
Prescott, Miss KiaPhD Student
Roney, Mr MattPhD Student
Sari, Miss BilgePhD Student
Somerville, Dr TobiPhD Student
Teng, Miss KaiyuePhD Student
Wang, Mr YuankaiPhD Student
Wilson, Dr KylePhD Student
Wu, Mr ZhongliPhD Student
Anakrazia, Mr ThiazziPhD Student (LOORG)
Draper, Mr JamesPhD Student (LOORG)
Hattersley, Mr JoshPhD Student (LOORG)
Jackson, Mr MaxPhD Student (LOORG)0151 706 5747
Kipling, Miss NataliePhD Student (LOORG)0151 706 4226