Eye & Vision Sciences

Head of Department

Williams, Professor Rachel Professor of Ophthalmic Bioengineering, Interim Head of Department  0151 794 9043 Rlw@liverpool.ac.uk 


Zheng, Professor Yalin Professor of AI in Healthcare  0151 794 9055 Yalin.Zheng@liverpool.ac.uk 
Kaye, Professor Stephen Professor of Clinical Ophthalmology  S.B.Kaye@liverpool.ac.uk 
Harding, Professor Simon Chair of Clinical Ophthalmology  0151 794 9051 S.P.Harding@liverpool.ac.uk 

Senior Lecturers

Hamill, Dr Kevin Senior Lecturer in Cell and Molecular Biology  0151 794 9037 Kevin.Hamill@liverpool.ac.uk 
Kearns, Dr Victoria Senior Lecturer in Ocular Biomaterials  0151 794 9054 Vkearns@liverpool.ac.uk 
Sheridan, Dr Carl Senior Lecturer in Ocular Cell Transplantation  0151 794 9031 C.Sheridan@liverpool.ac.uk 
Levis, Dr Hannah Senior Lecturer in Ophthalmic Bioengineering   0151 794 9034 H.Levis@liverpool.ac.uk 

Clinical Senior Lecturers

Beare, Dr Nicholas Clinical Senior Lecturer  N.Beare@liverpool.ac.uk 
Burgess, Dr Philip Clinical Senior Lecturer  Philip.Burgess@liverpool.ac.uk 
Vallabh, Ms Neeru Amrita Clinical Senior Lecturer  N.A.Vallabh@liverpool.ac.uk 

Tenure Track Fellows

Bosworth, Dr Lucy Tenure Track Fellow  0151 794 9009 Lucy.Bosworth@liverpool.ac.uk 


Doherty, Dr Kyle Postdoctoral Research Associate  0151 794 9098 K.Doherty@liverpool.ac.uk 
Foulkes, Dr Daniel Postdoctoral Research Associate  Daniel.Foulkes@liverpool.ac.uk 
Lawman, Dr Samuel Postdoctoral Research Associate  S.Lawman@liverpool.ac.uk 
Zhang, Dr Zijian Postdoctoral Research Associate  Z.Zhang116@liverpool.ac.uk 
Bilir, Miss Emine Postdoctoral Research Associate  E.K.Bilir@liverpool.ac.uk 
Marshall, Dr Anne Post doctoral Research Associate  Anne.Marshall@liverpool.ac.uk 
Robinson, Dr David Postdoctoral Research Associate  D.E.Robinson@liverpool.ac.uk 
Abdul Kadir, Dr Lina Postdoctoral Research Associate  0151 794 9044 Lina.Abdul-Kadir@liverpool.ac.uk 

Clinical Research Fellows

Somerville, Miss Tobi Clinical Research Fellow  Tobi.Somerville@liverpool.ac.uk 

Project Managers and Coordinators

Mason, Dr Sharon Project Manager  Sharon.Mason@liverpool.ac.uk 

Technical Staff

Thomas, Mr Samuel Research Technician   
Simon, Miss Shannon Eye Bank Technician  0151 794 3445 Shannon.Simon@liverpool.ac.uk 

Associate Members

Milling, Miss Ashli   A.Milling@liverpool.ac.uk 
Newsham, Dr David   D.Newsham@liverpool.ac.uk 
O'Connor, Dr Anna   Annaoc@liverpool.ac.uk 

Honorary Staff

Liang, Dr He Honorary Research Associate   
Mclean, Dr Keri Honorary Fellow   
Liu, Dr Siyin Honorary Research Associate   
Nickson, Dr Catherine Honorary Research Fellow   
Johnson, Dr Mark Honorary Reader   
Mount, Miss Laura Honorary Support Staff   
Batterbury, Mr Mark Honorary Clinical Lecturer   
Eyre, Dr Jessica Honorary Research Associate   
Brennan, Mr John Honorary Professor   
Williams, Dr Bryan Honorary Lecturer   
Deller, Dr Robert Honorary Research Associate   
Menassa, Dr Nardine Honorary Research Fellow   
Czanner, Dr Gabriela Honorary Senior Lecturer   
Stylianides, Dr Amira Honorary Research Fellow   
Borroni, Dr Davide Honorary Research Assistant   
Southern, Mr Thomas Honorary Support Staff   
Hsuan, Dr James Honorary Lecturer   
Gee, Ms Lindy Honorary Support Staff   
Birch, Miss Sharron Honorary Research Assistant   
Cooper, Miss Shirley Honorary Support Staff   
Broadbent, Dr Deborah Honorary Senior Lecturer   
Kent, Mr David Honorary Research Fellow   
Kennedy, Dr Stephnie Honorary Research Associate   
Zhao, Dr Yitian Honorary Lecturer   
Madhusudhan, Ms Savitha Honorary Lecturer   
Goodson, Dr Nicky Honorary Fellow   
Alshukri, Dr Ayesh Honorary Research Assistant   
Jahoda, Prof Colin Honorary Recognised Supervisor   
Wong, Prof David Honorary Lecturer   
Gao, Dr Dongxu Honorary Research Associate   
Sahni, Dr Jayashree Honorary Senior Lecturer   
Heimann, Dr Heinrich Honorary Professor   
Dixon, Mr Simon Honorary Research Fellow   
How, Dr Thien Honorary Research Fellow   
Troughton, Dr Lee Honorary Research Fellow   
Robinson, Dr David Honorary Research Fellow   
Hagan, Dr Richard Honorary Research Associate   
Gadhvi, Mr Kunal Ajit Honorary Clinical Fellow   
Watt, Mr Robert Honorary Fellow   
Mamtora, Dr Sunil Honorary Clinical Fellow   
Mccormick, Dr Austin Honorary Clinical Fellow   
Vila Grane, Miss Natalia Honorary Snr Research Fellow   
Barrera, Dr Valentina Honorary Research Associate   
Lace, Dr Rebecca Honorary Research Fellow   
Ku, Dr Jae Yee Honorary Clinical Fellow   
Saleh, Dr Rafiq Honorary Research Associate  R.Saleh@liverpool.ac.uk 

Post Graduate Students

Akil, Dr Handan PhD Student  H.Akil@liverpool.ac.uk 
Alrumizan, Mr Meshary Rumizan M PhD Student  M.Alrumizan@liverpool.ac.uk 
Barkat, Dr Mohamed PhD Student  Mohamed.Barkat@liverpool.ac.uk 
Beeharry, Dr Deepa PhD Student  Deepa.Beeharry@liverpool.ac.uk 
Bridge, Mr Joshua PhD Student  Joshua.Bridge@liverpool.ac.uk 
Chen, Mr Xu PhD Student  Xu.Chen2@liverpool.ac.uk 
Davies, Miss Alys PhD student  Alys.Davies@liverpool.ac.uk 
Duffy, Miss Georgia PhD Student  G.L.Duffy@liverpool.ac.uk 
Eyre, Miss Jessica PhD Student  J.J.Eyre@liverpool.ac.uk 
Fan, Miss Xiaochen PhD Student  Xiaochen.Fan@liverpool.ac.uk 
Gotru, Miss Sherrin PhD Student  S.Gotru@liverpool.ac.uk 
Jones, Dr Gareth   Gareth.Jones@liverpool.ac.uk 
Ku, Dr Jae PhD Student  Jae.Ku@liverpool.ac.uk 
Liao, Ms Tingting PhD Student  Tingting.Liao@liverpool.ac.uk 
Mahmud, Ms Nur Musfirah PhD Student  N.Mahmud@liverpool.ac.uk 
Meevassana, Mr Jiraroch PhD Student  J.Meevassana@liverpool.ac.uk 
O'Loughlin, Miss Danielle PhD Student  Danielle.O-Loughlin@liverpool.ac.uk 
Pied, Mr Valentin PhD Student  Valentin.Pied@liverpool.ac.uk 
Pratt, Mr Harry   H.Pratt@liverpool.ac.uk 
Rajeev, Dr Surya Panicker PhD Student  S.Rajeev@liverpool.ac.uk 
Romdhoniyyah, Mrs Dewi PhD Student  D.F.Romdhoniyyah@liverpool.ac.uk 
Roy, Mr Iain PhD Student  Iain.Roy@liverpool.ac.uk 
Saptarshi, Mr Neil PhD Student  N.Saptarshi@liverpool.ac.uk 
Shaw, Mr Liam PhD Student  L.Shaw@liverpool.ac.uk 
Sugden, Mr Conor PhD Student  C.Sugden@liverpool.ac.uk 
Teng, Miss Kaiyue PhD Student  Kaiyue.Teng@liverpool.ac.uk 
Vallabh, Dr Neeru PhD Student  N.Vallabh@liverpool.ac.uk 
Zhu, Miss Wenyue PhD Student  Wenyue.Zhu@liverpool.ac.uk