Cardiovascular and Metabolic Medicine

The Department of Cardiovascular and Metabolic Medicine in the Institute of Life Course and Medical Sciences is working to produce high-impact research with real translational and clinical benefit, to help tackle the challenge of Cardiovascular Disease in the North West, and beyond.

Cardiovascular Disease is a significant challenge to the North West of England, where figures show that the rate of deaths due to heart disease are most common.

The Department of Cardiovascular and Metabolic Medicine, in partnership with the Liverpool Centre for Cardiovascular Science, and the Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospital Trust, are utilising a broad range of techniques and facilities to develop world-leading research to aid in tackling this challenge.

Our challenges

Fundamental Science and Translational Research

Utilising an interdisciplinary mix of skills to deliver a range of practical and theoretical solutions to manage disease, overcome environmental problems and improve our understanding.

Epidemiology and Big Data

Utilising advanced computing technologies and analytical tools to generate and analyse large scale data-sets to produce wide-reaching and effective research.

Applied Health Research

Evaulating health care, and population health, interventions, services, systems, and policies which have a significant impact on health and on health inequality.

Health Services, Research and Implementation

Understanding the issues surrounding the delivery of health services and producing research, policy reccommendations, and strategies that could improve the UK based healthcare systems.

Clinical Trials, Registries and Global Health

Developing novel research and treatments via clinical trials, producing outcomes that have a global impact on cardiovascular health.

Drug Development and New Treatments

Investigating new avenues of drug development and application in clinical usage for treating cardiovascular conditions. Researching and developing novel drug treatments.

Research centres

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Liverpool Centre for Cardiovascular Science

The Liverpool Centre for Cardiovascular Science (LCCS) has been formed as a strategic research platform, bringing together world-leading research and clinical specialists in cardiovascular biology and medicine.

National Institute of Health Research Global Health on Atrial Fibrillation

The National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Global Health Research Group on Atrial Fibrillation Management, is led by Professors Gregory Lip (University of Liverpool) and Neil Thomas (University of birmingham). The research team in Birmingham has successfully led changes in AF management locally, in the UK, and in European countries with different healthcare systems by promoting stroke risk assessment and enabling clinicians to initiate oral anticoagulation in an integrated manner

Case studies

The AFFIRMO Project

AFFIRMO (Atrial Fibrillation integrated approach in FraIl, multimoRbid and polyMedicated Older people) is a randomized clinical trial, which overall aim is to test the effectiveness of an integrated care model for the treatment and care of older persons with atrial fibrillation and multimorbidity.

Liverpool-Heart And bRain Project (L-HARP)

L-HARP will involve a series of prospective observational cohort studies with a common protocol aiming to improve health outcomes and care pathways for populations at high-risk of adverse cardiovascular outcomes.

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Calm Heart Project

Investigating the role of calmodulin in cardiac arrhythmia”. 5-year project funded by the British Heart Foundation (BHF).

Departmental Leadership Team

Professor Deirdre Lane

Head of the Department of Cardiovascular and Metabolic Medicine

Dr Parveen Sharma

Research Support Group Representative

Professor John Wilding

Professor of Medicine