Edgar Allison Peers Symposium 2023: 100 Years of the Bulletin of Hispanic Studies

Friday 3rd November 2023

The Metropolitan Cathedral Crypt Hall

Our annual Edgar Allison Peers Symposium is this year celebrating 100 Years of the Bulletin of Hispanic Studies. Taking place on Friday 3rd November, this event promises a varied day of panel discussions and interactive sessions. 

9:00am - Welcome

Professor Anna Saunders
Professor Alison Fell
Professor Fiona Beveridge

9:15am - Celebrating 100 Years of the Bulletin of Hispanic Studies and Launch of Centenary Papers

This short panel takes the form of reflections on the journal since its founding in 1923 to the present day, and will also launch the Call for Centenary Papers.

The current General Editor of the BHS, Professor Claire Taylor; former General Editor of the BHS, Emeritus Professor Dorothy Severin; General Editor of the sister journal Bulletin of Contemporary Hispanic Studies, Professor Diana Cullell; and Chief Executive Officer of Liverpool University Press, Anthony Cond. 


9:45am - The Legacy of Edgar Allison Peers

This panel comprises short papers by current and former research students in the department whose doctoral studies are/were founded by the Edgar Allison Peers Bursary. Speakers will reflect on their trajectory thanks to the EAP funding, will engage with some of EAP’s concerns, including pedagogy and the civic university, and will give insights into their research.  

Opening Words

Carolyn Jones, Legacy Officer, Development and Alumni Relations


Papers by current and former PGR students

Andrew Robertson (University of Liverpool - Languages, Cultures and Film) 

‘“Creating the Collective”: The Paratextual Contribution to an Effect of “Polyphony” in 20th Century Andean Testimonio’

Ailsa Peate (University of Westminster)

‘Beauty and the Beast: Capitalismo gore and the Banalisation of Violence in Sinaloa’

Lucia Brandi (University of Liverpool - Languages, Cultures and Film)

‘Language, Youth, and Power.  Representations of Totonac linguistic culture’

Louise Evans (University of Liverpool - Languages, Cultures and Film)

‘Sor Juana and Elvira Sastre – ecological advocacy and environmental activism in patronage economies’

Nancy Francis (University of Liverpool - Languages, Cultures and Film)

‘Hermana, no estás sola: Affective activisms of anger and care’


10:45am - A Museum For Me/Un Museo Para Mí: Calendar Presentation

This short presentation will be delivered by Mujer Diáspora, a community group representing Colombian women in exile in the UK, and who contributed to the UK and Ireland Hub of the Colombian Truth Commission. Working with the A Museum For Me/Un Museo Para project led by Prof. Taylor (LCF), Mujer Diáspora co-created their own calendar which showcases their work in truth, memory and reconciliation. A representative of Mujer Diáspora will showcase the process and free copies of the calendar will be given to participants 

Martha Elsesser (Mujer Diáspora) 

11:00am - Refreshments

Morning refreshment break

11:15am - New Directions in Hispanic Studies

After opening words from the Director of the Instituto Cervantes Manchester and the Spanish Consul in Manchester, this panel will discuss new directions in Hispanic Studies. Speakers on the panel include the two guest editors of the BHS 100-1 centenary issue, Parker Lawson (Sewanee University) and Anna Kendrick (New York University Shanghai), who will give their perspectives on the new avenues opened up by their special issue, and Andrew Walsh (Comillas Universidad Pontificia, Madrid), recent Visiting Scholar to LCF, who will talk about Blanco White and Cernuda, making reference to his findings in the Blanco White Papers, one of the important holdings of the SJL Special Collections. 

Opening Words
Pedro Eusebio (Director, Instituto Cervantes, Manchester) 
Laura García Alfaya (Cónsul General de España en Mánchester)
André Porteiro Ferreira (Consulado-Geral de Portugal em Manchester) 

Parker Lawson (Sewanee University, USA) 
Anna Kendrick (New York University Shanghai) 
Andrew Walsh (Comillas Universidad Pontificia, Madrid, Spain) 


12:45 - Lunch

Lunch details 

1:30pm - The Steve Rubenstein Annual Lecture: La Nueva Canción Chilena

This talk and workshop, co-hosted by LCF and the Department of Music’s Institute of Popular Music (IPM) at UoL, will mark the 50th anniversary of the military coup in Chile by focusing on the role of popular music in political protest and resistance. This workshop will bring UG students of both departments together with local high school students, as part of impact projects and the widening participation agenda, to learn about the importance of live performance of songs of ‘hope and struggle’ – a term favoured by scholar Robert Pring-Mill on whose archival collection (held in UoL’s Popular Music Archive) the workshop will draw.  It will also incorporate visual material from the Tallersol poster archive in Santiago, Chile. UG and high school students, led by Francisco Carraso/Luma Creations. 

Marieke Riethof (University of Liverpool - Languages, Cultures and Film)
Sara Cohen (University of Liverpool - Music) 
Francisco Carrasco (Luma Creations) 

2:30pm - Breakout session

Break-out session: students and pupils to go to breakout room to design their own political posters and write their own lyrics for a protest song that will be translated into Spanish. 

2:30pm - Libraries, Journals and Hispanism

After some opening words by Fiona Maguire on the subject of ‘Future Directions in Hispanism: Twenty-First Century Hispanism in the Digital Age’, this session involves a talk entitled ‘What does the Cervantes Library offer to a Hispanist? | ¿Qué ofrece la biblioteca Cervantes a un hispanista?’. This talk will be delivered by one of the Instituto Cervantes’s specialist librarians, and will focus on the Instituto Cervantes’s libraries, its journals, and Hispanism.  

Opening Words
Fiona Maguire (University of Liverpool - Languages, Cultures and Film)

María Luz Comendador Pérez, Bibliotecaria de la Biblioteca Jorge Edwards del Instituto Cervantes de Mánchester 

3:30pm - Spanish at Liverpool and Showcasing Hispanic Collections: Selected Highlights of the Robert Pring-Mill Collection, the Edgar Allison Peers Collection and the Blanco White papers.

As the culmination of the day symposium attendees will be invited to browse items from the Special Collections and Archives of the Sydney Jones Library, where items from the Robert Pring-Mill Collection, the Edgar Allison Peers Collection and the Blanco White papers will be on display. 

Professor Claire Taylor (University of Liverpool - Languages, Cultures and Film)                                       

Richard Smith (University of Liverpool - Languages, Cultures and Film) and Special Collections                   

Louise Bruton (University of Liverpool – Special Collections & Archives)                                                       

Katy Hooper (University of Liverpool - Special Collections & Archives)

4pm - Refreshments & Wine Reception

Afternoon tea and coffee