LCF Year Abroad Photo Competition: A celebration of cultural exploration

Posted on: 11 January 2024 in 2024 posts

A birds-eye view of the Andes
Landscape - 'Through the eye of the condor', a breathtaking birds-eye view of the Andes, the world's largest mountain range - George Crust

The annual LFC Year Abroad Photo Competition saw 23 entries this year. In this blog we go through a few of the prize winners!

The fifth edition of the 2023 LCF YA Photo Competition brings amazing photos from around the world, portraying the vibrant tapestry of students’ experiences. The year abroad serves as a pivotal chapter in the lives of languages students, weaving together cultural immersion, personal growth, and lasting memories. Of last year’s year abroad cohort, 23 LCF final-year students entered the Year Abroad Photography Competition, culminating in a visual feast at the LCF Winter Party, where the winners were revealed.

The competition received 63 photo entries, depicting diverse landscapes, cultural encounters and impactful moments. The judging process was a collaboration of the discerning eyes of 24 university staff from different LCF sections, who voted anonymously, looking for standout entries that truly resonated with them.

Burano colourful houses

Joint 2nd Place: Cat, bike, + colourful houses in Burano, by Kate Taylor

In a twist, not one, but two winners took first place, their photos equally impressing the judges. Ellie Rice and George Crust’s images transported us to distant lands: Ellie’s an artistic framing of poetic words in a Spanish phone box and George’s a breathtaking bird’s eye view of snow-capped Andean mountains. Second place was also shared, this time between three entries of equal merit. Kate Taylor brought a colourful canal-side scene in Burano, Daisy Bentley a moody panoramic lake scene and Lucy Taylor a stunning ice-tunnel in snowy mountains.

A phone box in Madrid

Joint 1st Place: Waiting on a phone call, Madrid by Ellie Rice 

The Year Abroad Photo Competition not only showcased the students' artistic flare, but also provided a platform for the university community to engage with their amazing international experiences. The winning photos will be displayed in the Language Lounge, in 1-7 Abercromby Square.

3842m up

Joint 2nd Place: 3842m up by Lucy Taylor

Lake of Sainte-Croix

Joint 2nd place: The view from above the Lake of Sainte-Croix, France by Daisy Bentley