School of Histories, Languages and Cultures

School Management and Operations Support Team
Fell, Professor AlisonDean
Jones, Dr HelenHead of School Operations0151 795 0528
Webster, Miss KateSchool Administration Co-ordinator0151 795 0528
Gilmore-Coupe, Dr NicolaSchool Project Co-ordinator0151 794 2467
Hamilton, Ms RuthPA to Dean and Head of Operations0151 794 2741
Criscenzo-Laycock, Dr GinaCurator of the Garstang Museum of Archaeology0151 794 3067
Technical Support
Scott, Dr ChristopherSenior School Technician (ACE) 0151 795 8931 Ext:8931
Peterson, Mr JrSenior School Technician (IT/AV)0151 795 0527
Bayliss, Mr MichaelSenior IT and AV Technician0151 794 2400
George, Dr NicolaSenior Archaeology Lab Technician
Marketing, Recruitment and Events Team
Elliott, Mrs VictoriaMarketing, Recruitment and Events Team Leader
Boland, Miss EleanorMarketing, Recruitment and Events Administrator (Research)
Bull, Miss EllaDigital Marketing and Events Administrator
Elkington, Miss EmmaMarketing, Recruitment and Events Assistant
Hardy, Miss MarieOutreach and Widening Participation Officer
Rennick, Ms NicoleMarketing and Events Officer (Recruitment)0151 795 7592
Finance Team
Kennedy, Miss TeriFinance Team Leader0151 794 2659
Maher, Miss JaneFinance Administrator0151 794 2890
Ambridge, Mrs SarahFinance Administrative Assistant0151 794 3138
Ingarfield, Mrs GillFinance Administrative Assistant0151 795 0606
Research Team
Jackson, Mr NickResearch Team Leader0151 794 2731
Bates, Miss VictoriaResearch and Impact Co-ordinator0151 794 2477
Gaynor, Dr JoeyResearch Support Administrator0151 795 7593
Pearce, Mr ChrisPGR Administrator0151 794 3623
Student Experience Team
Student Support Centre0151 794 2393
Student Support Centre0151 794 2413
Fry, Mrs ValerieTeam Leader0151 794 2394
Beech, Miss KathrynStudent Experience Co-ordinator (Quality and Enhancement)0151 795 0539
Clark, Mrs FranAdministrator
Evans, Miss ChrissieStudy Abroad and Internationalisation Officer0151 794 2393
Fernandes, Ms AlisonTeaching and Learning Support Officer/Disability Support for Students
Gallon, Miss LauraEmployability and Placements Co-ordinator 0151 795 5582
Haider, Mrs TrishAdministrator0151 794 2698
Henderson, Miss NicolaAdministrator0151 794 6718
Hudson, Mrs JulieAdministrative Assistant
Lewin, Miss GeorginaStudent Experience Team Leader (Quality & Enhancement)
Jones, Mrs KerrieTeaching and Learning Support Officer/Disability Support for Students0151 794 2379
McKenna, Mrs JenniferAdministrator0151 794 2751
McNally, Mrs KarenAdministrative Assistant0151 794 2751
Mulcahy, Mrs SueStudent Experience Co-ordinator (Student Lifecycle)0151 794 2396
Parker, Mrs AlyAdministrator0151 794 2448
Russell, Mrs SallyStudent Experience Team Leader
Sinclair, Miss AmyAdministrator
Stewart, Dr LyndyAdministrator0151 794 3079
Stockley, Mrs JaneAdministrator0151 794 3627
Academic Leads
Taylor, Professor ClaireAssociate Dean for Research and Impact0151 794 2776
Routledge, Dr BruceDeputy Associate Dean for Research and Impact0151 794 4397
Cullell Teixidor, Professor DianaAssociate Dean for Education
Paoli, Dr MarcoDeputy Associate Dean for Education0151 794 2424
Heath, Professor DeanaAssociate Dean for Internationalisation0151 794 3064
Kempf, Dr DamienDeputy Associate Dean for Internationalisation0151 794 2387
Shovlin, Professor FrankSchool Director of Postgraduate Research0151 794 3861
Dixon, Dr RebeccaAcademic Lead for Taught Postgraduates0151 794 3692
Pearson, Professor JessicaAcademic Lead for Equality Diversity and Inclusion
Arens, Dr SarahDeputy Academic Lead for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
Centre for Higher Education Studies
Edwards, Dr AnthonyDirector of Centre
Walker, Ms IlonaCentre Administrator
Gough, Dr AdrianDoctoral Supervisor
Qualter, Dr AnneDoctoral Supervisor
Outhwaite, Dr Deborah
Willis, Dr IanDoctoral Supervisor
Crosta, Dr LucillaThesis Supervisor
Huet, Dr Isabel0151 794 2411