School of Engineering research impact

School of Engineering research impact

The School of Engineering has a dynamic and diverse range of world leading engineering research clusters spanning functional materials, biomaterials and biomechanics, additive manufacturing, transport infrastructure, risk and uncertainty, aerospace and fluid mechanics. Acceleration of impact for the research being developed is maintained by engaging key stakeholders and end-users to ensure broadest reach and significance is achieved.

Managing serious eye conditions Doctor examining patient's eye

Managing serious eye conditions

University of Liverpool are improving the management of vision-threatening conditions, developing more accurate techniques to avoid misdiagnosis and allow optimal treatment.

3D printing bone implants Hip replacement xray

3D printing advanced bone implants

Researchers at the University of Liverpool are 3D printing bone implants with innovative surface structures, improving long term performance.

Boosting reliability of computer simulations Aerospace engineering

Boosting the credibility and reliability of computer simulations

Computer models developed at the University of Liverpool are helping to increase safety and reliability whilst minimising development costs.

School of Engineering

Postgraduate research

Within the School of Engineering we provide a well-equipped, well-resourced research environment that encourages collaboration across disciplines, departments and organisations.