Engineering research group sat around table with laptop in lab

School of Engineering research impact

The School of Engineering has a dynamic and diverse range of world leading engineering research clusters spanning functional materials, biomaterials and biomechanics, additive manufacturing, transport infrastructure, risk and uncertainty, aerospace and fluid mechanics. Acceleration of impact for the research being developed is maintained by engaging key stakeholders and end-users to ensure broadest reach and significance is achieved.

Improving the management of glaucoma Engineer using testing equipment

Improving the management of glaucoma

Our biomechanical engineering researchers have improved the management of glaucoma, developing more accurate techniques to avoid misdiagnosis and allow optimal treatment of this vision-threatening condition.

Developing advanced additive manufacturing technology Engineer using additive manufacturing equipment

Developing advanced additive manufacturing technology

Our engineering researchers have developed and patented an additive manufacturing technology, improving orthopaedic and spinal implants for patients around the world.

Reducing industrial development times in nuclear and aerospace sectors Structural engineer using enhanced virtual engineering equipment in lab

Reducing industrial development times in nuclear and aerospace sectors

Our structural mechanics researchers have used virtual engineering technology to support industry in reducing development times.

Novel Tamponade Agents Engineer sat at computer in lab

Improving the treatment of retinal detachment

A multidisciplinary team of our researchers have developed novel silicone oil tamponades that have improved the surgical treatment of retinal detachments.

Virtual Engineering Centre Three people using virtual reality headsets and glove

Unlocking manufacturing competitiveness for UK industry

Researchers in our Virtual Engineering Centre have collaborated with UK industry to unlock manufacturing competitiveness across a range of sectors through the application of cutting-edge digital engineering approaches.

Modelling & Simulation to Support UK Naval Ship Design & Aircraft Operations Aerospace engineers sat at controls in flight simulator

Supporting UK naval ship design and aircraft operations

Our aerospace engineering researchers have developed advanced modelling and flight simulation tools for the assessment of ship aerodynamics and its impact on the workload of pilots.