School of Engineering

School Contacts
Patterson, Professor EannDean of School0151 794 4665
Myerscough, Dr JohnHead of Operations0151 794 4885
Whitehall, Mrs NatashaPA to Dean and Head of Operations0151 794 4859
Pedder, Miss HelenHealth and Safety Officer07766 204 643
Stores0151 794 4879
Department of Civil Engineering and Environmental Engineering
Bridgeman, Professor JohnHead of Department0151 794 4810
Department of Materials, Design & Manufacturing Engineering
Curran, Professor JudeHead of Department0151 794 5857
Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
White, Professor MarkHead of Department0151 794 6848
Professional Services - Student Experience Team
PGT, Support Team
PGR, Support Team
UG , Support Team
Parry, Ms LouisaStudent Experience Team Leader/ Timetable Coordinator0151 794 4700
Allison, Mrs DarbyUndergraduate Student Experience Administrative Assistant0151 794 5231
Carter-Hallam, Mr JackPostgraduate Student Experience Support Officer0151 794 4857
Cross, Miss ElainePostgraduate Student Experience Administrator0151 794 4705
Lacy, Mr DavidUndergraduate Student Experience Administrative Assistant
McNulty, Miss LauraStudent Experience Administrator0151 794 4902
Stewart, Mrs DeniseUndergraduate Student Experience Support Officer0151 794 4701
Fax0151 794 4703
Professional Services - Management Services Team
Jelinkova, Mrs CrystalManagement Services Team Leader07385 006 096
Irwin, Miss KateManagement Services Administrator0151 794 5390
Jones, Mrs AndreaManagement Services Administrator0151 794 4837
Kelly , Mrs SusanManagement Services Administrator
Molloy, Ms PaulineManagement Services Administrator0151 794 4661
Walwyn-Jones, Miss KateMarketing Officer
Whitehall, Mrs NatashaPA to Dean and Head of Operations0151 794 4859
Professional Services - Finance and Research Team
Swain, Mrs LesiaFinance & Research Team Leader0151 794 4702
Judge, Miss CherieResearch Administrator0151 794 4805
Lawrence, Mr DanielAthena Swan and Wellbeing Coordinator
Leigh, Mrs ShirleyFinance and Research Administrator0151 794 5216
Spencer, Miss RebeccaResearch Project Administrator0151 794 5237
Totzke, Mrs NicoleResearch Project Administrator
Watson, Miss Anne-MarieFinance & Research Administrative Officer 0151 794 5237
Finance, & Research email
Fax0151 794 4703
Professional Services - Technical Team
Bratley, Mr MarcTechnical Team Leader0151 794 5241
Atkinson, Mr DaveTechnician0151 794 5366
Cartwright, Mr KevinTechnician
Craig, Mr RyanTechnician
Edun, Mr RaymondTechnician
Evans, Mr JamesTechnician
Friel, Mr GlenTechnician
Heywood, Mr John
Hinchliffe, Mr ChristopherTechnician
Huston, Mr Joseph
Jones, Mr AndrewTechnician
Jones, Mr MarkTechnician
Parkes, Mrs KatherineTechnician
Mathew, Mr JijiTechnician0151 794 4874
Pitt, Mr GraemeTechnician
Potts, Mr DanielTechnician
Shaw, Mr DeianTechnician
Snaylam, Mr AndyTechnician0151 794 4880
Sperinck, Ms CatherineTechnician
Tidbury, Mr AlanTechnician0151 795 5593
Topping, Mr AnthonyLearning Technologist0151 794 4881
Weston, Mr ChristopherStores0151 794 4879
Professional Services - Specialist Support
Coyle, Mr DylanFlight Sim Development Officer
Neary, Mr DerekElectronics0151 794 4884
Curran, Mr JohnTechnician0151 794 4876
Nugara, Ms JanHead of Strategic Operations RUEDI (Relativistic Ultrafast Electron Diffraction & Imaging) Facility
Albert Crewe Centre for Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy
Browning, Professor NigelDirector of the Albert Crewe Centre0151 794 4897
Mehdi, Professor LaylaAssociate Director for Engineering and In-Situ Method Development Lead0151 794 5219
Zanella, Dr MarcoAssociate Director for Physical Sciences and Materials Chemistry Lead
Bahri, Dr MounibFacility Manager0151 794 4316
Liu, Professor LuningAssociate Director for Biology
Patel, Professor MaulikAssociate Director for Structural Materials and Nuclear Energy
Tidbury, Mr AlanTeaching and Research Support Technician0151 795 5593
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Molloy, Ms Pauline