Networks and Communications

Networks are naturally embedded in biological, chemical, physical and digital systems, economy, social relationships and many human made complex structures such as the Internet. Research into networks, modelling networks and the understanding and processing of their surrounding environments has strong foundation in Mathematical and Computing Sciences. Furthermore, such research relies on methodologies developed in Economics and Game Theory because the participants populating networks are very often autonomous and interested in achieving their own particular goals. This research theme encompasses research into the computational foundations of economics/game theory and economic theory in computer science.

The thematic areas that fall under Networks and Communications Research include:

and encompass research in the areas of Game Theory, Auctions, High Powered Computing, Distributed Computing, Graph Theory and Networks.

Most of the activities in Networks and Communications are brought togther with NeST - Network Science and Technologies, a new initiative to help establish a well-founded and vibrant environment that provides a vehicle for stimulating applications of foundational research in network sciences and technologies.