Autonomous Systems

Autonomous Systems Research is concerned with both software and hardware autonomy, computational intelligence, distributed systems control, information processing and management, communications and data fusion. The theme encompasses areas as diverse as mobile telephony, agreement technologies and electrical power engineering, and yields scientific contributions within the fields of logics, machine-learning (both symbolic and sub symbolic) and control systems. Much of this research has also extend to many areas of industrial relevance, with the construction of labs and enters such as the e-Automation Laboratory and the Centre for Autonomous Systems Technology (CAST), as well as collaboration with the Virtual Engineering Centre.

More information on our activities that fall under Autonomous Systems Research can be found within the following thematic areas:

and encompass research in the areas of Argumentation, Knowledge Representation, Machine Learning, Verification and Signal Processing.

In addition, the Centre for Autonomous Systems Technology (CAST) provides expertise in autonomous systems from across the University of Liverpool.