Take one or donate one scheme

Posted on: 6 October 2021 in Blog posts

Image of Take one or donate one scheme poster

“Can you imagine not being able to afford or access sanitary products to help manage your period? Period poverty is the lack of access to sanitary products due to financial constraints, this can be caused by a wide range of life events that negatively impact on a girl or woman’s ability to access sanitary products to manage a most intimate and regular occurrence in her life.” - (C Bagness, 2020)

Period Poverty is a global issue related to the lack of access to essential sanitary products due to financial constraints. To address this, the School of EEECS introduced the 'Take one or Donate one’ scheme, which:

  • Allows individuals to ‘take’ and/or ‘donate’ sanitary products in female and disabled toilets within EEE and CS buildings.
  • Offers environmentally friendly products (100% natural bamboo) made from recyclable and biodegradable material. (School bought)
  • All other sanitary profucts are still accepted for donation.

The scheme is fully self-funded, and we encourage staff and students to be involved, either by donating regularly or using the products only when in need. The scheme can also be supported through our fundraising activities.


For feedback on this scheme or suggestions on other greener products, please contact Jane Gallagher at barneyb@Liverpool.ac.uk.

If you would like to support the scheme you can leave sanitary products in the baskets, or you can email Jane Gallagher to arrange a drop off. 


For more information about the School's Equality Diversity and Inclusion work, click here.