School of EEECS Insight into University Summer School

Posted on: 1 August 2022 in Blog posts

Students working in the lab during summer school 2022

Summer School - Robotics & Autonomous Systems:

The school of Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Computer Science hosted an 'Insight into University' Summer School alongside the EDT (Engineering Development Trust) during 4th-7th July. 

During the week 30 year 12 students from across the UK stayed for 3 nights in St Andrew's gardens accomodation and spent 2 days each in the Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Computer Science labs. Throughout this time the students were introduced to the School, took part in activities and received lectures centred around Robotics and Autonomous Systems.

Activities included an 'ebug' session and 'communicating during a Zombie Apocolypse', while lectures included one on mobile robots by Dr Terry Payne, and another on reinforcement learning by Dr Chao Huang. The students were also tasked with creating their own robots during various sessions. In the evenings students visited local restaurants and enjoyed plenty of social time.

The week culminated with a robot activity which saw the students testing their robots out on a track, and then a certificate and prize ceremony which the parents attended. 

Group photo of Summer School students

Photo - Group photo of all the students 

 Summer School session with Terry Payne

Photo - One of the sessions presented by Dr Terry payne

Image of one of the robots made by summer school students

Photo - One of the robots made by students 

Robot track at the Summer School

Photo - Robot track where the students tested out their robots

Image of students getting their certificates at the end of the Summer School

Photo - Students receiving their certificates


Thank you to our organisers Dr Sebastian WildDr Kirsty Mckay and Dr Pamela Bezerra, alongside the EDT.

For more information on the EDT Summer Schools visit here