EEE Robot Races 2022

Posted on: 12 May 2022 in Blog posts

Mark Bowden at the Robot Races

This week EEE saw teams made up of students from the ELEC171 project competing in the annual 'Robot Races', where the aim of the game is to have the best performing robot car and the fewest crashes.

Hosted on Tuesday 10th May, the Robot Races took place in the fourth floor EEE labs, where a 'track' was created for students to demonstrate their robots as they attemped to drive their cars around it, and avoid the obstacles.

Robot Races track 2022

The students were joined by Dr Mark Bowden, and speaker Professor Mike West, a now-retired industrial and academic electrical engineer who did his undergraduate degree at Liverpool. Mike and his wife Liz have supported EEE Year 1 studies for many years with a generous cash donation, used mainly but not exclusively for prizes. 

 professor Mike West at Robot races

The prize winners were as follows: 

The Mike West prize - Team G

This was awarded to the team with the best performed robot car, and was presented to Team G, made up of Ali J Y J Alsaffar, Abdullateef M A A Althweeni, Mayed Salem Khameis Saeed Alyammahi and Hongyi Wu.

Photo of winning team at the 2022 EEE robot races

Team Prize - Team H and L

This was awarded to the team with the best sustained teamwork over the course of the project, and was jointly awarded to Team H, made up of Abdulrahman Sultan K H Al-Khulaifi, Rayan Saad A Almawzan, Grigoris Pafitis and James Parker. While Team L consisted of Brandon Reade, Lee Williams, Joshua Gardiner and Uzair Ghaswala.


Congratulations to all of the winners, and well done to everybody who took part in the project, and helped make this fun day.




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