Development of miniature mass spectrometers

Miniature quadrupole mass spectrometers are being increasingly investigated world-wide for high pressure (low vacuum) conditions.

Professor S Taylor, Dr J R Gibson

These are found in:

(a) process chambers for semiconductor manufacturing systems,

(b) plasma processing systems,

(c) geochronological measurements,

(d) patient monitoring in hospitals,

(e) gas analysis of gas mixtures in power switchgear following arcing and

(f) residual gas analysis for environmental monitoring (e.g. CO and CO2 levels). 

There are currently several projects in this department with a range of industrial companies to design, develop and test such instruments. In addition, the development of the ion source is a key feature in many of the above applications. Theoretical simulation of the QMS both numerically and analytically using in-house software represents another aspect of these research projects.

 Experimental Mass Spectra

Figure 1 - Experimental mass spectra for an argon/air gas mixture

 Numerical Simulation of Mass Spectra

Figure 2 - Numerical simulation of the mass spectra

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