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Energy and power research group

The energy technologies research theme is connected to the faculty’s energy theme. The research in this department is carried out by the energy and power group. This group is lead by Professor Joseph Spencer.

The research in energy and complex systems covers:

  • Modelling of physical processes occurring inside high current and high voltage circuit breakers
  • Experimental validation of the modelling
  • Exploring new forms of environmentally friendly switchgear
  • Digital control of renewable energy systems and networks
  • Efficient power conversion in-network
  • Battery storage and monitoring and assessing power equipment in networks.

The facilities to undertake this work include:

  • High current and high voltage synthetic circuits
  • Diagnostic equipment include mass spectrometers
  • High speed cameras
  • Novel sensor technologies based on optical fibres and unique processing methodology to extract salient information from complex data
  • Access to distribution and transmission sites in the electrical network for the deployment of sensors and monitoring systems for condition assessment of electrical plant
  • A renewable energy network for power conversion and control.


Academic staff members of this group are:

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