Meet our Students - Cohort 2

We are proud to introduce our students who come with diverse backgrounds, skills and expertise. They are central to the CDT and form an integral part of the power house from which new knowledge and cutting edge practice will be developed and applied. Cohort 2 joined our CDT in October 2020.




Benedict Oakes DA CDT Student

Benedict Oakes

“As an undergraduate at the University of Liverpool, I chose to continue my studies here at the CDT because of the benefits it provides. I already loved the university and the city and being able to develop myself further in a large cohort of other students and supervisors was really exciting; it’s much easier working in a team-based environment than on your own. The links to industry each project offer is an excellent opportunity to develop your network and see how the things you’re researching can have real-world applications.”

Efthyvoulos Drousiotis

Efthyvoulos Drousiotis

"As a DA CDT student, I will have the opportunity to collaborate with industrial and academic experts in a state-of-the-art environment, making it an exceptional place for research. Moreover, being part of a cohort, will allow me to realize the value of being a member of a team and will open up future collaboration opportunities."

Jack Wells Student
Jack Wells


"My project is based on the use of machine learning and compressive sensing to enable the observation of unstable materials on the atomic scale. As well as access to state-of-the-art transmission electron microscopes, the CDT provides fantastic opportunities to continue my training in data science and work collaboratively with academics, fellow students, and partners in industry; providing support, and a clear focus on the commercial applications of my research."

Mehdi Anhichem Student
Mehdi Anhichem

“I have decided to join the CDT as a PhD student because it offers interesting research opportunities related to industry and within a cohort of students with different backgrounds. It enables me to ally two areas of research in which I am interested. My project is focused on the fusion of disparate aerodynamic data from experiment and simulation in order to improve high-value design."


Elinor Davies

"When I was searching for a PhD position, I was keen to join a CDT. I wanted to be part of a cohort and to have the opportunity to learn from others’ expertise and to share experiences and results. I wanted to work on this project because I have a background in Physics and computer science. I had developed an interest in data science, in particular, how it could be used to solve real-world problems. I was also keen to study in Liverpool, a city with such a rich history and such vibrant cultural opportunities.”

Oisin Boyle Student
Oisin Boyle

“Joining the CDT allows me to work on complex problems in industry, providing me the opportunity to help innovation on a global scale. Moreover, discussing current real-world problems in a group of academics helps to improve my communication skills, teamwork and understanding of various topics to which data science and analytics can be applied.” 

 Panagiotis Pentaliotis

Panagiotis Pentaliotis 

“Deciding on doing a PhD is a life-changing experience. The University of Liverpool is a world-wide leading research university and in coordination with CDT is offering some world-changing researches. By choosing to go through this experience with the DA CDT will lighten the "suffering" as it offers a multitude of services. A great team willing to assist each other and exceptional supervisors both from academic and industry backgrounds.”

 Adam Lee Student

Adam Lee

"The opportunity to join the CDT is a unique one. Coming from a background in applied mathematics, a common oversight is the applied part. The CDT opens doors for finding real world applications for modern mathematics and provides a bridge between mathematical theory and practical data-science. Being able to conduct my own independent research while also being a member of a larger cohort of students, academics and industry partners leaves me in an exciting position moving forward with my work." 

Jordan Robinson CDT Student

Jordan Robinson 

"The Distributed Algorithms CDT provides unique and engaging opportunities for those interested in data science and machine learning, while, at the same time, providing fantastic technical and leadership training which will undoubtedly benefit its students after graduation. The CDT encourages collaborative research, and is part of a number of wider research groups that tackle challenging, real-world problems by implementing sophisticated algorithms. I’m excited to see my growth over the next four years, especially because I know that completing a PhD as part of a cohort will help to further develop my skills, both academically and socially." 


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