Welcome Week

Welcome to the Department of Computer Science. Computer Science at the University of Liverpool has a history going back to the 1960s. As the subject grew in importance, the Department of Computer Science was created in 1982, to provide a focus for continued development within the University. Since then the Department has grown and flourished.

Welcome from the Head of Department 

Boris Konev (Head of Department)

On behalf of us all here in the Department of Computer Science I would like to welcome our new students. We currently have over 40 members of academic staff and more than 15 members of professional services staff who provide excellent support for the running of the Department. Like other University departments, we see ourselves as having a dual role: in research, aimed at developing new knowledge and understanding of the subject of Computer Science, and in teaching and learning, through which we seek to pass on this knowledge and understanding to others.  In our University, the two activities are interwoven, and both staff and students participate in both. The distinction between teachers and students is not as clear as it is in earlier education; we see learning as a co-operative process that requires effort from both sides.  In addition to our research-led teaching provision, we also provide support for developing students’ employability skills through a variety of formal and informal activities that students have the opportunity to participate in. You will probably find that study at the University will be more open-ended and less tightly structured than you have been used to. It may take you some time, also, to familiarise yourself with the organisation and ways of working of the University and the Department.  Don’t worry if you find these changes difficult at first; you will not be the only one feeling this way.  I am sure that you will soon get used to the new way of life and study that you find here.  In addition to the support offered by staff, the Department has a lively student society, CompSoc, which organises a variety of activities for computer science students to get involved in and meet others who are also studying the subject at our University. Finally, if you do encounter problems, with your work or otherwise, please remember that my colleagues and I are all here to help you in any way we can.  Each student has an Academic Advisor who can be contacted to provide advice throughout the duration of their studies. We all hope that your time at the University of Liverpool will be a happy and rewarding experience for you, and we will do our best to make it so. I look forward to getting to know you during the coming year.

Professor Boris Konev

Head of Department of Computer Science  


What to do next

1.  Register online

You can find out how to register on the University’s central welcome webpages

Further details will be added as the Welcome and Foundation Week timetables are confirmed.

2.  View your programme of events (Welcome Week Timetable)

There are a number of events and activities taking place over Welcome Week. They will introduce you to the Department and to the University as a whole and will provide you with a foundation to ensure you gain maximum benefit from your time at Liverpool. Other events and activities are designed to introduce you to University life and to help you to get to know the campus.


More support and information for starting your course

View your programme timetable

Your academic timetable can be found on Liverpool Life (from early September).

There is also a dedicated UoL Timetable app for your smartphone.

Your Academic Advisor

All students at the University of Liverpool will be assigned a named academic member of staff as their Academic Advisor. Their role is to develop a relationship with you; to provide information, advice and guidance on academic matters and to direct you to further sources of information on academic matters as well as the wide range of information, advice and guidance on non-academic matters available to students at Liverpool.

Student Support Centre

Your first few days at University can be quite confusing and it may take time for you to settle into your new surroundings and life as a student. It may also be your first time away from home.

At the Student Service Centre the specialist teams are available to help with any practical, emotional or general issues. They can also direct you to the most appropriate services across the University.

The Liverpool Guild of Students (Student Societies)

Liverpool Guild of Students (LGoS) is the Students' Union for the University of Liverpool.

Need more information?

If you would like any further information about the Department of Computer Science before you arrive in September, please contact our staff in the Student Support Office on: csstudy@liverpool.ac.uk

You can also read in full the Department of Computer Science's approach to teaching here.

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