Each year the following prizes are expected to be available:

Undergraduate prizes

  • The O’Reilly Academic Prize for the best performance on COMP201 Software Engineering
  • The Andrew Young Prize for excellent performance
  • The Athena Swan Prize for contributions to promote increased participation of women in Computing
  • The Department of Computer Science Prize for excellent performance in the final year of study
  • The Department of Computer Science Project Prize for the best final year project


Prizes named after esteemed staff

Some of our awards are named after esteemed people with connections to the Department, who were specialists in their subject areas:

Professor Enid Mumford

Professor Enid Mumford was Sociologist and Computer Scientist, a recognised world leader for her work on human factors in Information System design.  She was born in Wallasey, Merseyside, attended Wallasey High School, and received a BA in Social Science from the University of Liverpool in 1946. After this she joined the Faculty of Social Science at University of Liverpool in 1956, and after one year in the US, she became Professor of Organisational Behaviour at the newly formed Manchester Business School, the first woman to hold a full professorship at a UK business school, and Director of the Computer and Work Design Research Unit. She was awarded the US Warnier prize for her contributions to Information Science, and the Leo lifetime achievement award of the Association for Information Systems, the only British recipient of the award.

  • The Enid Mumford Prize is awarded to a student taking the "Designing Systems for the Digital Society" course (COMP107) for their contribution to promoting ethical practices in System Design, as determined by a judging panel formed by academics and industrial experts and convened for the Year in Industry activity week”

Ann Maybrey

Ann Maybrey was one of the original members of the department when it was founded in the early 1980s. Several years ago she donated an amount to be used to endow a prize, however, she left the terms of the award to be decided by the department. It was felt appropriate to award to this to MSc Students as Ann was also involved in setting up and contributing to the first MSc run by the department in the mid 1980s.

  • The Ann Maybrey prize for excellent performance, awarded to the best overall student on an MSc programme.
  • The Ann Maybrey prize for the best project, awarded annually to the student on the MSc programmes, who has most distinguished him or herself in project work.

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