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Flávia Alves

My name is Flávia Alves, I am a PhD student in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Liverpool. I hold an MSc in Big Data and High Performance Computing from the same university, and a BSc in Applied Mathematics from the University of Lisbon. I worked in the development of data mining activities associated with Industrial Controls in the Engineering Department at CERN. My main activities focused on the creation of new algorithms in order to transform large amounts of data into smart and useful information.

My research project lies in the field of Human Activity Recognition. The focus of my work is on obtaining and analysing data captured from monitoring devices to accurately recognise and predict human activities through the use and development of Machine Learning algorithms. I’m very passionate about this project. It comprises a wide range of applications and to be able to have an impact in people’s everyday lives is such a rewarding feeling. I also enjoy the fact that I have the opportunity to collaborate with other researchers from across the world and also across departments within the university.

The environment within the University and amongst researchers is a great one to build new partnerships and foster cross-disciplinary dialogue. In particular, being a part of research groups within the department, which relate to my project is a fantastic way to meet other students and academics working in the same or a closely related research area. Moreover, attending and presenting your work in research group meetings is also a great way to discuss your work and receive valuable feedback. Regarding training, there are a lot of training courses offered by the Library and the Liverpool Doctoral College to ensure you are able to take ownership of your PhD at an early stage and build a successful relationship with your supervisor(s). My supervisor is Dr. Martin Gairing, who I had the pleasure of meeting whilst doing my MSc. The constructive and insightful feedback I receive from him has been fundamental in order to improve my critical thinking and develop my research project. He has helped me with the submission of papers, given me support and encouragement in networking and attending topic-related conferences and has always provided me with the best advice and guidance.

I have lived in Liverpool for four years now and I love this fascinating city. I have had the opportunity to meet amazing people both on a personal and professional level. Its sacred musical heritage, rich history and vibrant culture are just a few of the many things that make Liverpool an iconic city.

In the future, I hope to pursue a career in academia.