Knowledge Representation

The representation of knowledge is an interdisciplinary area of research focusing on (multi-agent) reasoning and decision-making under uncertainty.

The Knowledge Representation research group is dedicated to representing information about the world in a form that a computer system can utilise to solve complex tasks, such as driving a car or diagnosing a medical condition. This group has three main focuses:

Intelligent information systems

Investigates how information can be retrieved from structured but incomplete or heterogeneous data sets, which are growing at an enormous rate.

Foundations of multi-agent systems

Uses methods from computational and philosophical logic to explore multi-agent systems and develop logics in which their behaviour can be specified. We also develop algorithms which check whether a system meets its specification.


Develops formal methods and languages, and explores the complexity of argument-based decision making in a broad range of models. A major application of our argumentation research is in law.


Academic staff members of this group are:

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