Photo of Dr Valentina Tamma

Dr Valentina Tamma PhD

Lecturer Computer Science


    Personal Statement

    Valentina's specific interest is in ontological engineering for open environments, and in particular the challenges and constraint on the development, evaluation, use and evolution of ontologies when they are used by highly dynamic and heterogeneous knowledge services in open environments.

    Since becoming a lecturer, Valentina has been involved in several EU and EPSRC funded projects and she has also spent time as a visiting scientist at several international universities; including the University of Madrid, the Nokia Research Center, Cambridge, and CSAIL at MIT, and more recently, the Bruno Kessler Foundation.

    Valentina is on several Program Committees for various Ontologies, Agents, Services and Semantic Web conferences as well as for the main Artificial Intelligence Conferences; she chaired the 2005 AAAI Symposia on Agents and Semantic Web Services; and a number of workshops on the area of ontologies in agent and ubiquitous environments.

    Personal Distinctions

    • Seminar: Negotiating on Shared Meaning: When finding just one alignment is not enough (Invitation to Speak, Bruno Kessler Foundation, Trento, Italy 2012)
    • Keynote speaker for the track on Knowledge management (Keynote Speech, Organising committee 2008)
    • Seminar: Towards the Dynamic Selection of Ontology Alignments to support Agent Communication (Invitation to Speak, Nokia research lab 2007)
    • Seminar: Ontologies to support communicating agents (Invitation to Speak, ICT-IRST 2006)
    • Seminar: Introducing autonomic behaviour in semantic web agents (Invitation to Speak, University of Sheffield 2005)
    • Invited tutorial: Agents and the Semantic Web (4th International Central and Eastern European Conference on Multi-Agent Systems, 2005)
    • Seminar: Agents that search for digital content (Invitation to Speak, University of Aberdeen 2005)

    Administrative Roles

    • Member of the Board of Studies in Computer Science.
    • Director of Undergraduate Studies for the Degrees with a Year in Industry

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