Artificial intelligence

Scientific staff in the artifical intelligence section focus on the theory and practice of building intelligent systems across core areas of artificial intelligence, led by Professor Sven Schewe.

The Centre for Autonomous Systems Technology (CAST), provides expertise in autonomous systems from across the University of Liverpool. We carry out world-class research, provide high-quality training and education and, through the Virtual Engineering Centre, collaborate with a range of companies to develop, analyse, enhance and deploy autonomous systems.

The section is organised thematically in four corresponding research groups:

Argumentation and Representation of Knowledge Argumentation and representation of knowledge

Argumentation and representation of knowledge

This group is dedicated to representing information about the world in a form that a computer system can utilise to solve complex tasks.

Data Mining and Machine Learning Data science

Data mining and machine learning

The aim of the group is to investigate automated learning in intelligent systems by developing computational models and algorithms.

Robotics and Autonomous Systems Autonomous systems

Robotics and autonomous systems

Robotics focuses on the ability of machines to act intelligently within society.

Verification Robot


Verification techniques are used for proving that a system meets its requirements and specifications.