BSc Computer Science with Software Development with a year in industry, 2020  

Current role - Junior Product Manager


What made you choose Liverpool? Liverpool was the most responsive out of all the Universities I applied to, and also had a great foundation programme for international students like myself. Liverpool was a great choice as the people are warm and genuine, I have never felt more at home. It is a big city with a small-town feel. Living costs are not high, Liverpool is a young city with a very rich culture. The city centre has many shops and restaurants, not only good for students as consumers, but a good place for a part time job. The city is constantly evolving, both in infrastructure and in its culture, for students that has meant more events to go to!  

What were the best things about your course? The year in industry was the best thing about the course. The Industrial Placement year was a tremendous step towards gaining experience and knowledge that is useful in a computer science career. The knowledge gained is valuable in particular because it is not the kind of knowledge that can be relayed in a classroom. The different tasks that had to be completed provided useful insight into the kind of work required for computer science. Placement provided ample opportunities to develop interpersonal skills. My role facilitated avenues for networking and open and honest conversations with other more senior members of staff. This was a huge boost to my confidence, as it was encouraging to feel trusted. Additionally, the team made it clear that my contribution was impactful in anon-trivial way. This combined into a fulfilling experience.

How has the University of Liverpool helped you? It’s hard to answer this question briefly, So I will keep it at two simple points. The university has provided me with a number of flexible jobs and internships right here on campus, that have all been well paid. I have been able to build my CV due to these experiences and able to save money to do other things like travel or donate to charities. The University has also provided me with the best opportunities to meet amazing people in my field through networking events. I have been able to meet some of the most influential people in STEM and it has all been because of the University.

What are your future plans? I am about to start a new role in product management which I am excited about. For now I want to delve more into it and learn more and hopefully become an expert in the field.