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Eleanor Barlow

Eleanor graduated from the University of Liverpool with a first class MChem degree in 2020. During her degree, she completed a year’s research in industry as part of the Automotive Aftermarket Division within 3M, developing new abrasive compounds and scaling them for industrial production. Eleanor’s Masters research investigated the synthesis and characterisation of Porous Organic Cages (POCs) using both batch and flow chemistries. She is now studying for her PhD in the Rannard group aiming to develop long-acting therapeutics using solid drug nanoparticles for the treatment of HIV.

Andy Dwyer

Andrew obtained a Masters degree in Chemistry before completing his PhD developing hyperbranched polydendrons with potential drug-delivery applications. Since then he has continued his research as a Post-doctoral Research Associate working on several nanomedicine-based projects. On a project funded by ViiV Healthcare, Andrew used patented technologies, now licensed by Tandem Nano Ltd, to develop solid drug nanoparticle formulations for both oral and parenteral administration for the treatment of HIV/AIDs. His past research activities focused on nanoparticle interventions for the treatment of colorectal cancer before joining the CELT team.

Carly Hardy

Carly has worked at the University of Liverpool since 2016, occupying various roles in finance and administration before taking up a role as administrator for CELT to work closely with the LONGEVITY project team to provide administrative support. Prior to this, Carly worked for Nutricia Ltd (Danone) for 10 years.

James Hobson

James started working for CELT as a Research Coordinator to focus on the development of material chemistry approaches to overcome current limitations in poorly water-soluble drug therapies, with a particular focus on antiretrovirals. Having previously worked on large multinational and multidisciplinary research projects, James obtained extensive experience in a range of scientific disciplines including Materials Chemistry, Pharmacology, and Immunology, as well as in engagement with diverse stakeholders across academic and industrial settings. The projects that James has been involved in have produced numerous publications and patent filings in the area of nanomedicine. 

Jonathan Massam

After graduating with a BSc in Chemistry, Jonathan then worked as an associate scientist in chemistry for RedX Pharma PLC. During his time he mainly worked on a project aiming to synthesise novel antimicrobials to treat multi-drug resistant bacteria. He joined the Rannard group to take up a post as research technician.

Dr Alison Savage

Alison holds a BSc in Chemistry and an MSc in Cancer Chemistry. She carried out her PhD studies investigating the photophysical properties of gold nanoparticles coated with luminescent lanthanide complexes and peptides. Alison joined the Rannard group to work on the development of solid drug nanoparticles and currently works on the development of long-acting therapies as part of the LONGEVITY project.

Catherine Unsworth

Catherine joined the the Rannard group to develop nanoformulations of novel antiretrovirals for oral and injectable delivery for the treatment of HIV. Catherine has worked on a diverse range of projects from chondritic meteorites to alkali-activated waste materials as cement replacements. She obtained an MSc in Environmental Analysis and Assessment and an MSci in Geology before studying for a PhD on nanomedicine techniques for the treatment of COVID-19. Catherine started working for CELT as part of the LONGEVITY project working on an injectable cure for hepatitis C.

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