Jessica Alice Floyd: Philosophy and Politics

Jessica graduated in 2010. She is currently a Senior Applied Behaviour Analysis Tutor, Treehouse School, London 

What does your job involve?

Using the principles of applied behaviour analysis to teach children and young people with autism.  As a senior tutor I am also responsible for in-class training and line management of other class staff. 

How did your course prepare you for your job?

Although a degree in philosophy was not a direct route into my current career, it really helped me develop invaluable skills which I use every day - the most important skill being open to new and different ways of thinking, which is indispensable when working with children and young people with disabilities.  My degree also encouraged logical and critical thinking, and being able to present information in a clear and concise format to different groups of people.  My course also encouraged creativity and diverse ways of thinking - skills which are incredibly important in my field. 

What are your top tips for students wanting to work in your field?

I would say my main tip is gaining as much experience with children and young people with disabilities.  I have been working in this field for 9 years and I am constantly learning, every day.   Building rapport with the people you work with is really important as well - so always have fun! 

What was your best experience of studying at Liverpool?

I really enjoyed my course, and the opportunities it gave me to develop invaluable skills which have supported me in my career, and I found the philosophy department really supportive and sociable.  Whilst I was at university I was involved in the philosophy society which was a fantastic resource, both academically and socially, and I can honestly say I loved every minute of my degree.