19 - 23 Abercromby Square

Introducing the School of the Arts

The hub of creative thinking at the University of Liverpool

In 2010 the School of the Arts joined together five existing disciplines – ArchitectureCommunication & MediaEnglishMusicPhilosophy. As members of the School these five centres of research and teaching have a vibrant community in which to pursue the remarkable things that happen when people from different fields trade ideas.

The historic 19-23 Abercromby Square sits at the centre of School life, providing recently refurbished conference spaces, library facilities and seminar rooms that every member of the School can call their own. More recently, the University of Liverpool opened a London campus where we have already started to teach a number of our Architecture programmes.

You can study many Arts subjects with us, singly or combined at undergraduate and postgraduate (taught and research). All offer rigorous academic training, combined with strong practical involvement in the events and projects we run with leading Arts organisations.

We engage fully with Liverpool's rich arts, culture and heritage scene, with many of the key players such as the TateLiverpool Philharmonic and National Museums Liverpool collaborating with us on teaching and research. 

We hold a range of excellent events to address research and teaching outputs, areas of interest, careers advice and much more beside. Through our events we want to reach out to students, alumni (those who graduated from our 5 departments before we formed the School are very much included in this group!), staff, employers and interested parties to engage with us. Please do keep an eye on our calendar and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions.

Through our activities we aim to support our goal of inspiring, supporting and developing people who can think for themselves, imagine the future and shape the world.