Our Graduates

John McGrath

John McGrath (Music PhD)

John completed his PhD at the Department of Music in 2013. He now lectures at ICMP and Goldsmiths. Read more about John.

I would say research what interests you rather than what you think you should or what’s trendy. Keep an open mind and don’t stop asking questions. 


Emmy Little

Emmey Little (Politics and Communication Studies)

Emmey is a Production Management Assistant on the One Show. Read more about Emmey.

Join the student union film and tv making society. You'll get skills and contacts and be able to make whatever you want with their equipment and support.


Samantha Martin (English and Communication Studies)

Sam is Deputy Head of Media Relations at the University of York. Read more about Sam.

Being part of the campus community allowed me to make valuable contacts, use the careers service for advice, and get work experience without having to go outside the University itself.


Bertie Lawson (English)

Bertie is Managing Director of the boutique-green tour operator Sampan Travel. Read more about Bertie.

My course exposed me to how diverse and varied the world is, and how the worst thing I could do would be to neglect to experience more of it.

SOTA - Our Graduates - James Courtney

James Courtney (English Literature)

James is Communications Manager at HSBC Australia. Read more about James.

These academics went above and beyond to empower students reading English at The University of Liverpool with knowledge and lasting memories.

Henry (Architecture)

This year Henry is undertaking his RIBA part 1 at AR Design Studio in Winchester. Read more about Henry.

My final year was by far the best as it gave us opportunities to engage with real clients and sites in and around the pre-industrial city.

Natasha Cox, English & Communication Studies

Natasha Cox (English and Communication Studies)

Natasha graduated in 2008 and is now a television and documentary producer working for the BBC and Channel 4. Read more about Natasha.

I feel extremely privileged to have studied at an institution that was not pompous and celebrated new ideas.

Tim Scott (Philosophy)

Tim graduated in 1997. He is currently Head of People & Organisational Development at Brook. Read more about Tim.

Studying Philosophy encourages critical thinking and develops the ability to construct (and use) an argument, both of which are essential in any number of careers and certainly in my line of work.

Jessica Alice Floyd (Philosophy and Politics)

Jessica graduated in 2010. She is currently a Senior Applied Behaviour Analysis Tutor at Treehouse School, London. Read more about Jessica.

My course helped me develop invaluable skills which I use every day... it encouraged creativity and diverse ways of thinking - skills which are incredibly important in my field.

Jennifer Jones (English and Communication Studies)

Jennifer graduated in 2013. She is currently a Marketing & Administration Intern in the Centre for Lifelong Learning. Read more about Jennifer.

I felt like I was a real  part of the Communication and Media Department and received so much support in my degree and career development.

Mark Moreau (Philosophy)

Mark graduated in 2009. He is currently Product Manager, Business & Product Innovation Division, Emerald Group Publishing Ltd. Read more about Mark.

Philosophy is the queen of all the sciences, so there is almost always an opportunity to relate the subject matter of the journals and books I publish back to my own studies!

Popular Music graduate Lauren Fitzgerald

Lauren Fitzgerald (Popular Music)

Lauren graduated in 2012 and is now a Digital Channel Manager at Columbia Records UK. Read more about Lauren.

There is a buzz of creativity in Liverpool.  It’s full of people that have decided what they want to do and are hustling to get there.

School of Music alumnus Jake Dorfman

Jake Dorfman (Music)

Jake graduated in 2014, and is now a professional composer, music director and pianist. Read more about Jake.

All of my lecturers not only knew me on first name terms, but also really understood my work, and were able to push me musically and academically.

Ellie Markham, Music & Popular Music

Ellie Markham (Music and Popular Music)

Ellie graduated in 2014 and is now a primary school teacher. Read more about Ellie.

The city is an excellent place to study music. There is loads going on and if you want to go into teaching there are many schools willing to offer voluntary classroom experience.

Samuel Garlick (Popular Music)

Samuel graduated in 2012. He is currently Director at Fiesta Bombarda and Events Curator at The Kazimier & Constellations. Read more about Samuel

My course gave me an insightful introduction and a great grasp on how the music industry works. More importantly it put me in a positive mind-set of how to approach a career within music.

Ellie Cowan (Music)

Ellie graduated in 2009. She is currently the Open Academy Administrator & Project Manager. Read more about Ellie.

My course gave me a grounding in music and music history and affirmed my interest in the arts.  I took on co-managing the Symphony Orchestra in my final year and that was really my introduction to the world of arts management.

Hannah Colson (Communication, Media and Popular Music)

Hannah graduated in 2013. She is currently an A&R and Marketing Assistant at Ministry of Sound. Read more about Hannah.

My course taught me about the ever changing nature of popular music...I can now discuss the actual product- the music- with passion and knowledge.

Nicola Rossiter (Music and Popular Music)

Nicola graduated in 2012. She is currently Project Manager for the Ilmington Music Festival, has various roles at the Royal Shakespeare Company and undertakes some private tuition. Read more about Nicola.

The multiple opportunities available, and the chance to experience alternative careers, has meant I can turn my hand to any task thrown my direction and I now have the knowledge and skills behind me to make the best of every opportunity.

Steph Preston

Steph Preston (English)

Steph is undertaking a 3 month internship in the University’s External Relations, Marketing and Communications department, working in the press team. Read more about Steph.

I was lucky enough to be able to go on an English Department trip to Rome in my Second year which really brought the subject to life for me.