School of Life Sciences

Speed, Professor Mike Dean  0151 795 4559 
Barrow, Miss Hayley PA to Dean and Departmental Administrator 
Voelkel, Professor Susanne Deputy-Dean  0151 795 4444 
Atkins, Mrs Rachael School Manager 

Academic Staff

Allen, Dr Fabia Lecturer 
Awais, Dr Raheela Lecturer 
Bates, Dr Andy Senior Lecturer  0151 795 4563 
Edwards, Professor Steven MSc Sustainable Food Systems Programme Director 
Floyd, Dr Rachel Lecturer 
Gleave, Dr Terry Senior Lecturer  0151 794 5352 
Goodman, Dr Sean Lecturer 
Hammond, Dr Kate Lecturer 
Horsburgh, Dr Mal MSc Infection & Immunity Programme Director 
Johnston, Dr Kelly Lecturer 
Jones, Dr Nigel Senior Lecturer  0151 795 4470 
Jones, Dr Rebecca Lecturer 
Larsen, Dr Carl Senior Lecturer 
Lewis, Professor Zenobia 
Lycett, Dr John Lecturer 
Mielgo Iza, Dr Ainhoa MSc Cancer Biology & Therapy Programme Director 
Mitchell, Dr Christopher Lecturer 
Simpson, Dr Alec Senior Lecturer  0151 794 5510 
Stollar, Dr Elliott Lecturer 
Treharne, Dr Robert Lecturer 
Vieira de Mello, Professor Luciane 
Voelkel, Professor Susanne Deputy Dean and Personal Chair 
Wattret, Dr Gemma Lecturer 

Student Experience Team

Atkins, Mrs Rachael School Manager 
Adley-Sweeney, Miss Alexina Student Experience Co-Ordinator 
Baker, Mrs Bex Student Experience Administrator 
Barlow, Dr Laura Student Experience Administrator 
Barry, Ms Helen 
Byrne, Miss Rhianne Student Experience Administrator 
Cassidy, Miss Sophie Student Experience Administrator 
Clark, Mrs Julie Student Experience Co-Ordinator 
Fitzsimmons, Mrs Julie Student Experience Administrator 
Kane, Mr Adam Student Experience Administrator 
Lee, Ms Melissa Student Experience Administrative Assistant  0151 795 7584 
McIntosh, Miss Jill Student Experience Administrative Assistant 
Mooney, Mrs Cheryl Student Experience Administrator 
Reeve, Mrs Carly Student Experience Administrator 
Wharton, Mr Matthew Student Experience Administrator 
Wilkie, Miss Lindsey Student Experience Administrator 
Winfield, Dr Tom Student Learning and Teaching Support Officer  0151 795 1192 

Technical Team

Amena, Mr Neil Technician 
Anyfantis, Dr Georgios Senior Technician 
Barrass, Mr Aron Technician 
Blacklock, Mr Liam Teaching Technician 
Brown, Mr Rhys 
Byrne, Mrs Joanne Teaching Technician 
Christian, Mr James 
Coombs, Mrs Barbara Teaching Technician 
Hughes, Miss Megan Technician   
Iorio, Dr Valentina Technical Supervisor 
Jenkins, Mr Thomas Technician 
Lanfrancotti, Dr Alessandra 
Linford, Mrs Gillian Teaching Technician 
O'Reilly, Mr Cormac Teaching Technician 
Rajasingam, Mr Arjunan 
Smith, Miss Alexandra Teaching Technician 
Ward, Miss Simone Teaching Technician   
Wilm, Dr Thomas   0151 794 6869