The current lung cancer research programme focuses on the Liverpool Lung Project (LLP) and the UKLS screening trial.

One of the main reasons to launch this study in Liverpool is that the city has the unfortunate privilege to be as one of the lung cancer capitals of Europe.

The Liverpool Lung Project (LLP), funded by the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation (RCF) since 1996, hosted by the University of Liverpool, and led by Professor John K Field, established one of the largest prospective lung cancer case-control and cohort populations in Europe (>11,500) with epidemiological, clinical & outcome data and specimens. Focused recently on early lung cancer biomarker discovery, validation and industrial implementation of methylation biomarkers, the LLP team have developed a Lung Cancer Risk prediction model based on the LLP case control data, which was recently validated in two international case-control datasets and a large UK Cohort. This risk model utilised to identify high risk individuals for the UK Lung cancer screening trial (UKLS).

Further Details here: Liverpool Lung Project Risk Model

Latest version of the risk model is here: Risk Model (Version 3)

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