Cheerleading & Dance

Welcome to the University of Liverpool Foxes Cheerleading and Dance Squad!

The Foxes are a collective of seven teams; six competitive and one non-competitive, (three dance & four cheerleading) offering a wide variety of styles and disciplines to suit all abilities. We as Foxes pride ourselves on being a friendly, fun and inclusive club, regardless of experience. 

We practice our title-winning routines throughout the academic year, all whilst improving fitness, flexibility, strength and team spirit. Foxes aim to compete in two to three national competitions each year, as well as competing at Varsity and Christie Cup. We also do other performances for local events/charities and a whole club showcase at the end of the season!

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Opal - Level 3 cheerleading (stunt group):

We are excited to showcase more of The Foxes’ outstanding skills by introducing our new competitive Level 3 stunt group team this 23/24 season! With an advanced stunting difficulty in extension, the addition of twists and impressive baskets; this exclusive group of 4/5 members will be a fierce addition to our already successful competitive teams. 

Diamond - Level 2 cheerleading:

Expect energetic dance moves, tight tumbles (including back handspring and front handspring as their hardest tumbling pass), jumps and different stunt sections including the all-important pyramid. Diamond has brought great success for Liverpool as a sporting competitor, particularly in their last season after receiving a National Championship title at the BCA competition and placing second at Future Cheer. We look forward to seeing what this next season brings! 

Sapphire - Level 1 cheerleading:

In a Level 1 team’s performance, you can expect to see dance, tumbling (including back walkover and front walkover as their hardest tumbling pass), jumps and exciting stunt sections including a pyramid. Sapphire has had great success over the past few seasons, especially since holding a National Championship title at the BCA competition for two years in a row! The team is a real force to be reckoned with yet a joy to be a member of. 

Ruby - Pom team:

Our pom team showcases complex, fast-tempo dance skills such as turns, jumps and kicks, with the addition of strong, clean and sharp visual effects created with the signature red pom-poms! Ruby is an exciting team of 12-14 dancers that have consistent success representing our club not only at national competitions but at both the Christie Cup and Varsity.  

Pearl - Jazz team:

In a jazz performance, you can expect perfectly executed dance skills including fouettes, pirouettes, leaps, lifts and intricate movements. Pearl has enjoyed tremendous success over the last few seasons and has delivered exquisite performances at both BCA and Future cheer competitions along with other showcases. If you’re looking to push yourself and reap the rewards, Pearl is the team for you.

Onyx - Hip Hop Team:

Our iconic HipHop team is an exciting team to be a part of, boasting energetic, clean dance moves which are shown off at competitions and the Dance Society’s showcase, alongside our other two dance teams. Onyx had an incredible comeback in their return to The Foxes last year and are ready to strike again at competitions this season. Onyx welcomes all levels of dance experience, so don’t be afraid to try something new! 


Obsidian - Development team:

Introducing our new development team, Obsidian! Obsidian is a non-competitive team providing an opportunity for its members to learn new tumbles, develop their strength and stamina to go on to perform higher-level stunts and tricks. This team of 25-30 trains once a week and performs at several events throughout the year with a focus on performing at Varsity. It is perfect for beginners to the sport wanting to progress to competitive levels, or equally for those who have a background in cheer/dance who don’t want to compete but want the full Foxes experience!  

Social events

With an international tour at Easter, whole society Christmas meals, summer events and a generally action-packed social calendar, cheerleading and dance at the University of Liverpool is a perfect example of ‘work hard, play hard’. With socials running every two weeks throughout the academic year and monthly Athletics Union socials with our fellow sporting societies within Sport Liverpool, you can be sure to make some great friends and memories with us.

The Athletic Union

The Athletic Union (AU) is a student lead union founded in 1884. The AU consists of competitive sports clubs representing the University in British Universities and Colleges Sport (BUCS). The AU also provides opportunities for social sports with over 132 teams across three sports.

Being an AU member is a great way to stay active, develop management and leadership skills and meet people.

Other benefits include:

  • Representation within the Sport Liverpool department through the elected student AU executive committee
  • Elite personal accident insurance cover
  • Access to physiotherapy treatment at our Sports injuries clinic
  • Priority access to AU social events
  • Financial support at representative level
  • Subsidised support to coaching an officials courses
  • Eligibility for colours and blues award.

The initial cost of the AU membership is £60 and this will allow you to join one club. If you wish to join multiple clubs, the cost for each club is £24 thereafter.

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